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Equipment for sale

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SOLD!!!!!   XXX PPP cab and MX-18 driver     SOLD!!!! Dayton RS18-HO.  SOLD!!!! RE Audio SX18-D2

Lilmike, That is not the thing I borrowed before? I mailed that device a long time ago.

No way! You're selling off your main home sub system?  

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Still 2 18" XXX's left. Somebody grab these!


Right now my garage is a train wreck with multiple projects going on and crap everywhere.  I was looking around in it yesterday and realized I REALLY need to liquidate more stuff.


This is what is currently sitting in my garage.

6 XXX 18's

7 TD15M Apollo's

2 BMS 18n862

1 LMS 5400

1 Alpine SWR-1522

4 21Ipal

1 Aura NS18

A couple other random drivers

That is just what is mine.


There's also

1 SI 24

2 SI HST-18's

2 other 21's to be tested for a Mfg

1 Other 18 to be tested for a Mfg


There are drivers, subs and boxes everywhere.

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I actually do have an attic storage space above the garage that would work for an IB. Hmmmm.



Mmmmmm. Already been shot down on that idea for the den area at my house. Would work great, but I'm not gaining ANY headway with that argument :D "Apparently" the only room in the house I get to go crazy on is the "Basement" and any additional systems in the house is "Silly," and "We need new windows." or something stupid like that....

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Updated for sale list...All equipment is used and may have a few cosmetic blemishes but is otherwise in correct functional shape.


2 XXX 18's left. $550ea shipped or $500 each local pickup. I will drive to meet.


Chane SBE-118 and a Chane VBE-118. Both are passive cabs with a single 18. One sealed the other vented and tuned to the 17Hz range. Local pickup only. $185 each. I will drive to meet.


BMS 18n862 18's. 1 pair. Low distortion with excellent all around performance. $450 each shipped. Local pickup fine too.


Gjallarhorn pair. The originals. Loaded with LMS Ultras. $1150 each or $2300 for both. You will need to setup freight shipping, schedule pickup and pay all shipping costs. It won't be cheap. Local pickup greatly preferred. I may be willing to deliver if within reasonable driving distance and travel and gas expenses are paid.

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The only gigs the BMS's did was as part of a bass guitar rig. Not much of a challenge for them. They did sound excellent though.


They have the usual marks on the motors and frames from mounting them and moving them around.

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