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Dayton Audio BST-1 Review


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I mounted 2 Dayton Audio BST-1s to the bottom of my couch and we love them.  $90 delivered and what a difference.  I also installed a ButtKicker Advanced at the same time but prefer the Dayton' and they are 1/2 the price and returned the ButtKicker.  Definitely the highest value of my Home theater investments.  My boys like it turned up, I like it a little  more subtle.  The units are connected to a Yamaha 80wpc integrated amp with a remote which allows us to easily adjust them base on the movie content. 


Power requirements is low.  I connected them in series at first to a Berringer Amp and set the crossover at 40hz.  This was overkill and the low crossover block too much.  I connected them to a Yamaha (80 watts rms 8 ohms/ 185 watts dynamic 4ohms) in series (8ohms) and they preformed excellent.  Next, I connected 1 to each channel of the Yamaha (4 ohms) .  I preferred the 8 ohms which required more gain (45%) from the amp and provided more granular adjustment vs  1 per channel (4 ohms) with the volume at 30%.  Wired either way, the Yamaha has 2x the power needed and the difference was not enough to bother changing the wiring again.  

The BST's are supplementing 2 18 subs.  I am going swap the 18's for a pair of 12's and see if the 12's + the BST's are sufficient in the 1,700 cft room.  The 18s take up a lot of room.

The ButtKicker could not be tuned very well at lower volumes, when you gave it enough power to feel it it was already too much shake.  The specs indicate 75 watts minimum, and I theorize it needs 75 watts to move and at that level it was too much momentum for my light couch.  I think it would be better suited for a heavy frame couch or a platform.    



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Interesting product, haven't seen that yet. How low will it go? What kind of PEQ did you have on it?

I have low passed my TR system at 25Hz because I only want shake, not vibration (which I already get from my sub, and to me, shake from those devices feels unnatural and also unnerving), so anything that won't deliver in the sub 15Hz region is not of interested for me currently.

How have you mounted the device to the couch? Do you have the couch mechanically isolated from the ground to get enhanced tactile feedback?

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