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SALE - 2 Full Marty B&C & FaitalPro 18" Drivers - Seattle

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Two Full Size Marty Subwoofers, 18" Drivers, Duratex Finish, Great Drivers purchased in 2020 and gently used in a small 1500 CU Ft theater room. The boxes are well braced and made with birch plywood, not MDF. Please see pictures on Seattle Craigslist.

Seattle Area

Awesome driver, One with B&C 18DS115-4 18" Neodymium 4 Ohm Driver, Quick WinISD shows...

114db @ 18 Hrz
117db @ 40 Hrz
120db @ 60 Hrz
122db @ 80 Hrz
126db @ 200 Hrz

Look at those extra db at the bottom end, like having the output of 2 Marty subs! Perhaps the second best 18" Driver for the (B&C IPAL #1)?? 

One with FaitalPro 18XL1600 Neodymium 8 Ohm, a top end driver as well

108db @ 18 Hrz
117db @ 40 Hrz
120db @ 60 Hrz
122db @ 80 Hrz
124db @ 200 Hrz

I would like to get $2,000 For both. All offers considered. Full Marty subwoofers are awesome. They unfortunately are too big for my room and eventually have to go. 

48" Height x 24" Deep X 25.5" Wide (Upright orientation)

The FaitalPro driver was purchased in January 2020 and the B&C was purchased in April 2020. 


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