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Its been a while but we have been busy working away on some fresh new concepts.


The first is an all new style for the site, its going to be a tad wider and we're going to sport a new logo. Ok, not too exciting, but the rest is..


The second is a major system improvement. We have integrated a new js library called highcharts and we're nearly finished with a database and CMS updating required to store raw data. Yes that's right we're going to store the raw X,Y data in graphing format :) We're talking over 400 data points per series.




This means we can do all kinds of dynamic compositions of data..... So much in fact that it will make bossobass's photo-shopping of aggregated frequency responses obsolete... sorry bosso, you're being released by a computer. Don't worry it happens to the best of us. --we'll have this ready in just weeks!


The last phase (still in design) is a fully functional modeling program that will be integrated into the website that lets you can customize your own enclosures and see the graphs live. You'll be able to use your own TSP's for any driver you like or databass' measured ones if we have it on file. We're still a long ways out from this system, but its in the works and I wanted to give you guys some encouraging news and why you should support us! ---Because NO one else is doing this shit!




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Here is another screenie of the cool overlay feature we're working on. On any system page you can quickly select a secondary system for comparison and all the charts will draw up additional series for that measurement.




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