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Found 1 result

  1. As some of you probably know I switched out the top end of my big warehouse system a long time ago. I went from JBL 2445H's on 2360A's to Celestion AXI2050's on Klipsch K-402's. I took a bunch of measurements but never got around to posting any of it. I'm not going to devote too much time writing up a big break down of all of this. The short version is the K-402 horn is an overall improvement over the old JBL 2360A in most ways. The JBL does offer better loading down to deeper frequencies, but has more acoustic issues overall. Resonances etc...Physically the K-402 is slightly, smaller, lighter and less deep too. The old 2445H CD is not a cutting edge design any more but it is surprisingly viable still. The AXI2050 is considered cutting edge and it does offer some intriguing benefits, but it isn't all wins against the relatively ancient 2245H (or other more conventional 4" CD's). My short take on the AXI2050 is this: It offers excellent lower midrange performance with the possibility of really using it XO'd down to 350-400Hz (with less than full out pro use SPL and duration), or 500-600Hz at full on pro / arena use levels and depending on the horn/ waveguide used with it of course. Coupled with large horns such as these, the SPL and distortion results in the lower midrange are impressive. This driver does technically make it up to 20kHz but it requires a really healthy dose of EQ, even more than with most large CD's. The old 2445H kicks the AXI2050's ass in the top octave. The AXI2050 sensitivity and response above 10kHz is serviceable, but not great. Where it shines is in the 400-8kHz bandwidth. It measures well and sounds stellar in this range. Other options cover >10kHz much better with greater sensitivity. Even after EQing the top octave into shape it only sounded adequate. It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything to write home about either. The midrange on the other hand sounded great. Also this is a really robust CD. It will handle border line abuse that I'm not sure some other CD's would. In summary. AXI2050 = Killer midrange / so so top octave. I ended up switching to and keeping the AXI2050 because the midrange is way more important to me than top octave treble.
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