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Found 5 results

  1. Last year, I sold my twin Danley DTS-10 subs, which in my room at the time, went down to 8 hz. they also vibrated stuff 3 rooms down the hall, which was stupid. I now have 3 Danley TH-50's which have a cutoff 10 Hz. higher at 18 Hz. in my new room. They seem to work better for 2.1 music and still have great impact for Blue Rays in 6.1. I have a new tapped horn design that should get me back down to single digits and an extra Crown K2 (I hate fans). Based on measurements and the STAR ratings here, am I missing too much????? Thoughts from other bassheads please!
  2. Hello from The Harbottle Audio Co. We would like to take a minute to tell all of you good people that we are an authorized dealer for Funk Audio components and Focusworks Audio drivers. These drivers and amps that are gaining rapid awareness are now available to the public. Keep in touch for special offers and promotions. You can find us at www.harbottleaudio.com
  3. Hi all. Searched through the forums and to my surprise, no discussion thread on these popular (and IMO great!) HT subs. Massive cabinets and massive low-end output, most powerful commercial sub I've listened to. Velodyne DDs and JL F113s are great too, and possibly more refined, but in terms of sub-bass impact and weight, this one I like the most.
  4. Folks, Some of you may have already responded to my other thread...and Thanks to all your advice I've now decided to embark on a (very ambitous for newbie) DIY subwoofer project. This new thread is just to seek a wider audience for guidance... The goal being to build the cleanest, high-fidelity sub possible in DIY... as the sub will be used mainly for music and should unobtrusively extend the range of the mains I plan to get (Genelec G Four / 8040). Following are the key requirements: 1. Building a High-fidelity, clean, distortion, rattle free and musical sub is the most importan
  5. Dear Folks, I've searched the forum for sub-recommendations and am now suffering from information overload and can't seem to make a list to even narrow down my choices and now I need your help to finalize a sub-woofer for a 5.1ch Home-theater with Active speakers. Center & Surrounds: Genelec G Three (consumer grade version of 8030) Left & Right: Genelec G Four (consumer grade version of 8040) The advantage with this setup is the G 4 paired with a good sub gets me a very good 2.1ch setup for music that performs at the G4 level and for movies the G 4 can easily match the level of
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