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  1. You have been away for a while.....basically, it is a loud track that clips a lot, not unlike Terminator Salvation, Tron, or others. It is also high passed/shelved, very much like Avengers was. If it were a new film, it would have been received better. But since it was following the great audio in the first Star Trek, it fell flat to many ears. I liked the film. It did not need the heavy handed sonic treatment. I agree with Bosso's theory, that someone may have been twirling knobs that maybe shouldn't have been....



    Yeah, been flat out lately. Thanks for the comments, I thought it was a little overdone on the sonic level. Although some scenes did shake the room.

  2. Actually , I have not made it to the Hulk yet, that will be the next movie for sure.


    As for the my house, it is solid re-enforced concrete (the whole house) so it does OK.  :lol:  But, not even solid 10-12" concrete walls can stop ULF. Actually when standing on the floor in the living room directly above the theater (10" thick concrete) you can feel it flex on the pod scene in WOTW's. Never felt concrete do that before.

  3. HTTYDTitleBlock-1.jpg








    And finally one worth posting about.


    How to Train Your Dragon:


    Level - 3 Stars (264.2dBHz)

    Extension - 5 Stars (2Hz)

    Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.6dB)

    Execution - 5 Stars - What FOH and Bosso said.


    Overall - 4.5 Stars - Add some effects above 60Hz with some weight and you rival WotW. This is the new 2-10Hz leader.


    Recommendation - Buy, just like the above folks said.


    Yes, that graph is correct. The signal asks your speakers to play back a 2Hz tone at 117.8dB at one point.





    And my subs will answer that request!!! Just watched HTTYD with the new sub setup and good lord, there is some great scenes there!

  4. Dave,


    Thanks! I think I have the system down now. But I am interested, what kind of code? Like to be able to do what Data-Bass does for subwoofers and the instant comparisons?


    BTW - DareDevil, I am Number Four, Brave, and Drive this week. Horton added to queue.




    Thanks to everyone who appreciates this thread. I promise I am still working on the scene capture tutorial so that more waterfalls can be posted for each film, and the links will be fixed this weekend.

    If you are doing it via excel it may be possible.  I would probably have to take a look at what files you are using with Excel. But, it is possible that you could automate the procces using VBA.

  5. Great work guys, I love this kind of scientific approach.


    OK, forget about the 'per octave' discussions above, as they involve the averaging of dBHz levels, which cannot be done without converting back to PascalHz, and then it would lead to the same results anyway after averaging. The only calculation that is a straight dB+dB addition is for total level, in order to give the Peak level some input and not all the weight into the Level category.

    Does anyone know of a good way to post stuff from Excel so it doesn't look like the gobbledygook above for all the films rated?


    PS - Bosso, that looks great. If you need higher res bitmaps, lemme know. I am using JPEG compression as I am posting these things to the forum.

    Up tonight is Sin City, then I am leaving town until Next Friday, this time for an actual vacation.


    BTW, Max , if you are still having trouble sorting out your excel files, I could write some code to fix the issues your are getting? Let me know if it is still a problem?



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