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  1. I loaned it for a monitor amp to my church. Theirs blew. I do all their sound. Ordered them a replacement and it showed up used and not working properly. I did watch Exodus without it though. So only 4/6 subs working. Still sounded great. I gave it a 4 rating in this thread but I really wonder if I should have voted without my other subs going. They really anchor the system. I'll re-vote later if I can.

  2. Thanks so much max. I actually haven't purchased this yet. I was waiting on the number. Yep, I'm basically not going to buy a blu ray until it's been validated here, if its a movie meant to have bass. But the other part of my buying habits is the rental thing. This is very frustrating. It makes me want to not buy this movie and rent it instead. But this is a movie I will let that slide on. I hope the studios realize that when they rip off the rental track, it has literal zero motivation for me purchasing the movie. It actually discourages purchased.


    Thanks for the thumbs up, I'll go buy it now. First I'll run it by the wife to make sure it isn't already in my stocking. That what happened with edge of tomorrow ;)


    BTW, I think the studios should throw some free discs your way for review pre-release date. Then maybe from there they could start paying you as I really believe you guys help people make purchasing decisions.

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