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  1. Watching hobbit battle of the five armies tonight (US IMPORT BD) I'm hoping it's an improvement on the others (bass wise obviously) but to quote Eomer "do not trust to hope, it has forsaken these lands"
  2. Watched TH: TDoS last night & the LFE was a massive letdown, glad I had seen the graphs & kinda knew what to expect especially since the first was also a let down LFE wise, it's such a shame because the rest of the soundtrack obviously had a lot of love and attention poured over it. The scenes with Smaug were where I really FELT the filter limiting the hard hitting, low bass that made the scene lack impact aurally. (I Loved the film, picture quality & rest of the sound design btw) I do wonder if the future extended release will also have the same wildly different bass implementation on the new scenes that the first extended release had?
  3. That's a damn shame! I thought the LFE would be better this time around. still look forward to watching it again & to seeing the graphs just to see how bad use LFE is? I had really high hopes for this film, for some reason I thought the LFE would be stonking on this, looks like I was wrong...nevermind!
  4. Looking forward to seeing the graphs for the Hobbit: The desolation of smaug, hope they've done a better job than on the last BD. And thanks guys for all the knowledge & hard work
  5. From 40hz and down That looks like a massive difference, I'm pleased with that & what I was kinda hoping for. Even though the general level is low compared to some. Is that a 20hz filter? It looks a bit like the Man of steel graphs?
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