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  1. Hi - started to watch the old Mel Gibson movie We were soldiers. Saw it many years ago on dvd with a dts sound track. Remember the napalm scenes as good house shakers. Bought same movie as blu ray with dts hd master track and ... what a disappointment ! Found in this thread someone else saying that bluray is filtered and dvd is not. What I cannot get into my head is why ? Why does anyone wants to ruin and make a sountrack boring. Is it to favour the ones without subwoofers - the ones that only has tv ? Glad that I bought this very cheap - but there is no way of telling before you try it. I ended up watching the dvd edition - the bluray was just too boring !
  2. Hi Im unable to find any movies using the links at front page - its almost minus 20 pages off when I do find it ? Have they changed something here on this forum ?
  3. Didn't know that - and..... wauw - looking forward to all of those. The exorcism of Emily Rose is also one of my favorites - expect it to score high ! Thx a million for this site and all your work you put into this !
  4. Hi - just wondering - are "We were soldiers" and "Shooter" on the list ? They both got some heavy napalm scenes - wouldn't be surprised to see those 2 dig below 20 hz :-)
  5. Warhorse - I knew it !!! When I saw that movie I was amazed by the war scenes and the general sound quality. Now I need to test the scenes again
  6. Hi ! Just wondered if War Horse (dreamworks) has ever been graphed. I recall some huge bass scenes when the horses pulled the canons up hill and when they fired during the battle scenes. Unable to find it anyway - so if it could be add'ed it would be great !
  7. Hi there ! Just wondering - gunshots in movies - what hz are we talking about normally - above 20 hz or below 20 hz. I love the gunshots in the movie The International (with Clive Owen) in the Guggenheim museum. A lot of slam bam - but have no idea how it looks. Also unable to find any graphs from that movie.
  8. Hi ! How come finding nemo is not on the list and rated ? Just found post #391 and here Bossobass posted screenshots of different scenes. Finding Nemo is great for the kids and great for the bass-a-holics ! /Thomas
  9. Hi ! I read this thread almost everyday - but something slipped past me. On serveral of the movies (eg Transformers 2, Battleship) there something noted about a re-bass'ed version or ? Could someone explain what this is - a new release or just wishfull thinking how it could / should have been !? /Thomas
  10. Hi ! Great thread - I just love movies and bass ( some of friends call me bass- a-holic) but somehow I'm unable to get the movielinks at page 1 to work. Like I hit how to train your dragon link and it just loads page 1 again :-(. I've tried both laptop and ipad and same thing ! Is it just me or ? / Thomas
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