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  1. Wth718. So I have compared the beach scene in EOT and the flyover beach scene in BATTLE LA. I did think it was good but not in EOT league IMO. To me EOT has more weight, feel and massive impact to its big effects which convey better what's happening on screen. There's a real magnitude. B:LA has maybe a touch more content but no jaw dropping moments like EOT does (this is only the beach scene being referred to). The overall LFE presentation in EOT sounds cleaner too, less muffled and draws you into the action. I think I would rate this as the best LFE movie of 2014 retrospectively.


    Also revisited Star Trek (romulans) this evening. Great bass ride and would rate this higher than I previously did.

    I respect that. I wonder how much of this is a function of our respective FR? By an objective reading, BLA has a much better low end, especially if you consider how much of the sub 20 stuff is the sine wave-type stuff in the first 30 seconds of the movie.


    I'm flat to ~5Hz and really don't feel the weight that people talk about with EOT compared the BLA or a few others. And I've rewatched it several times, asked my brother (who's on suspended floors) his thoughts. Neither of us get the hype. Yes, it's clean, and varied, but....I dunno. Maybe I'm just crazy. lol






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  2. Yes, Into The Storm is a bass-eq candidate, based on the spectrum (in the poll-thread), it falls off sharp below 25hz, and it looks like a shelf filter was used. 


    I have not seen the film myself, but nube's comment regarding loudness-war may indicate that it may not be worth the trouble - you will get more deep bass, but the sound will not be good anyway, and if the overall sound level is too loud it can not be played comfortably at a decent master volume level.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. The configuration files maxmercy posted are for the nanoavr only. 


    Other minidsp products can be used for eq, and you can do the eq on the subwoofer system alone.

    To get good results with eq on the sub system you should run bass management for all channels.

    No, it will not be exactly like individual eq on all channels, but with proper bass management it will be very close for many soundtracks.


    The bass eq entries I made have descriptions for minidsp filters, mostly low-shelve.

    Those filter coefficients are compatible for all minidsp products.


    I have testet a couple of movies running Bass EQ on the subwoofer minidsp, it works very well.



    That will be my project for this weekend. I'm pretty excited to hear the results.

  4. The config files above are only for nanoAVR HD. I correct every channel, and just applying a correction to the sub out will not net the same results.



    Thanks for the info.


    Fatshaft. Can you reset the mini to default and then try to re-apply your saved config?

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  5. So what's the best way to have our voice heard? I've been occasionally posting that I won't buy certain titles (like The Hobbit) based soley on the high pass filter, but I don't think that really gets anywhere. Are we destined to just accept mediocre results and be pleasantly surprised when the results are good?

    Unfortunately, probably so. When you have review sites touting The Hobbit as having 5 star bass, our vocal minority is even less likely to be heard. But that's me being my normal pessimistic self.

  6. An old request:


    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (DTS):


    Level - 4 Stars (110.94dB)

    Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)

    Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.77dB)

    Execution - TBD


    Overall - TBD


    Recommendation - TBD


    Notes - I have not ever seen this film, will check it out this weekend.  It looks like it will deliver in the LF region, the DTS track is a tiny bit hotter with more mid-upper bass, and it is what I went with for the measurements.  Both tracks use a -4dB DialNorm, which was reversed for these (and all other) d-b measurements.




    Wow. Will have to revisit this. Movie blows, but if it's got that much LFE goodness, then it's worth another spin.

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