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  1. Hi ! I've been surfing the forum since a few days as a guest. 30$ is indeed a heavy price for a forum, I guess i needed to create an account to share my though on this. First of all, thanks to Kyle and the moderators for all the work around this forum it's a little gold mine. I know and used the wayback machine to scroll through some long gon website or even access file deleted years ago, maybe this could be the way to preserve this forum in a last and final state ? http://web.archive.org/ I also own a website based accessible for free, gathering slowly more and more cabinet plans, though I cannot host a forum with it, I would be very happy to centralise the cabinet plans and side informations that has existed on this forum as a way of preserving the work and knowledge already done (PS: SKHORN and SKRAM interests me very much ! 🙂). https://planssystemes.notion.site/ My website costs me 0$ per months when I don't modify it thanks to Notion, so I'm in a state of mind of keeping it up for as long as possible. Let me know what yall think about it.
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