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  1. It looks like even with 5 posts, I can send messages to other users but not to you. Potentially since you're a mod, I'm guessing. Could you please send me the first message so I can reply to it with my engineering coworker's email for the files?
  2. I have been unable to do that for some reason, but my coworker in our engineering department has sent you a DM over on AVSforum! Excited to see if we can make this work out.
  3. Hi all, I'm a writer for Linus Tech Tips and we are very interested in building an Othorn (21SW152-4 already ordered). I'm wondering if there's any chance someone has a SolidWorks model available? The PDF and DXF files earlier in this thread are great, but a SW model would be a huge time save and greatly appreciated. Also considering the Skram as an alternative to the Othorn as the Skram thread has SLDPRT files already. Thank you!
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