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  1. Ricci, I just look at RF web site, it says for RF 19, they do not recommend a sealed enclosure. " "Do Not Use Sealed Box This woofer is not recommended for sealed enclosures; it is optimized for the vented design(s) below. If you require a sealed enclosure, here are some recommendations:" What is your take on this? Thank you
  2. Wow thanks Ricci flat to 6hz! It is a lot different from data-bass test! I am sold!! Now RF 19 becomes an option for me. it is so much different than WINisd simulation i did, I cant believe such as small box can do that! I am sure RF is a better driver, it has some new tech,CEA 2031, Klippel, etc and look at the price If you go with bigger box, can you reach even lower? what is the optimal box size? I can do up to 15cuf. I have been asking for shipping quote from SI, it has been a week and no reply! In the data-bass site it said we can purchase RF 19 less that retail, can you tell me where? Thanks
  3. Any reason why u pick RF? I'm using 4x RF T1D215 vented at the moment and I quite happy. I just need some more low extension for movies. So I will replace corner front subs with SI H24, then another 2 in the back corner later. Can you show me freq response of RF 19s at MLP? Here is mine at 1/24. How many litre is the enclosure? What is MAUL? Best, Santodx5
  4. Hi Ricci, Thanks for the response. Someone mention high xmax/mass/excursion driver usually = suffer a hit in the upper bass region. In this case do you think SI HS24 will suffer the same thing? I am thinking to get it, I will use sealed 15cuf. As long as we don't push the driver too far, isn't bass sounds similar? With some driver will be able to push lower, or have different SPL/efficiently. I am just wondering what sub do you use personally if you have home theater and music room. Best, Santodx5
  5. Hi Guys, I am planning to replace my subs. I hope you guys can give me some feedback. My home theater room is 5x7x3M, I am using 4x Rockford fosgate T1D215 (150L port 18hz), with crest audio 8001. I am pretty happy with them to watch movies and critical listening to music. Lately I have been looking to upgrade my subs, as it is only reach around 24hz flat (+10db from main, roll off to 0db at around 15hz), I need more low extension!! I have been looking at SI H2-24! I watch some review and measurement, it looks good. After some more conversation with other people, someone mention that SI is only good at ULF for movies, but not so much at midbass quality for music. What is your take on that? I attach some simulation as follow: Green: Rockford T1D215, 150L vented at 18hz Blue: SI HS-24, sealed 450L Red: Eminence NSW6021-6 vented 371L at 25hz, Brown: Rockford T3S1-19, 450L at 20hz. To my surprise, my current sub T1D215 seems to give the best freq response. I hope the simulation is correct as SI HS24 in the databass has different freq response. Right now what is the best driver out there that can satisfy music and movies lover? Any suggestion? I can do up to 15cuf/450L for enclosure. I am leaning toward SI HS-24 to be honest. I just want to confirm with people who has them, do u like them for music? Does it have good SQ in the midbass such as transient, focus, clarity/transparency. When watching movies, usually I running at 100db for main, that is loud enough. For music slightly below that around 95db. So the 4 subs, when running together I only need them to be around 110db, so each sub around 104db. Thank you all, hopefully I can get some good feedback here.
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