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  1. Can you reccoment any high excursion chassis preferably under 150$ ?
  2. Im pretty new to the DIY subwoofer thing and ran into a few problems I couldn't find an answer to online. I want to bould a tapped or folded horn sub with the Eminence-15LFA Driver for home audio use at partys, so I calculated both boxes in hornresp and managed to get frequency responses and SPL I was very satisfied with, with the enclosures tuned to 30Hz (folded Horn) and 35Hz (tapped Horn). However when I started looking at the displacement graph, I realized that the excursion was way too high and more than three times Xmax (5,5mm), even at the peak above the cut off frequency. I tried adjusting the enclosure parameters, but nothing changed it that much without completely altering the frequency response. I had to reduce the Power from 600W RMS to 50W to get to numbers under Xmax. But the Sub would still get above 125 dB at 100 Hz and 122dB at 30Hz (1,0 x Pi, half space). I mean fine, thats more than enough for my application, but it sounds really unrealistic to me. Could these figures really be true? I think I haven't messd up some of the Input parameters (I tripple checked). I also thought that the driver just may not be suted for use in a horn sub, but I've read about many succesfull projects using this driver. I would really appreciate if someone knows whats going on. (sry for the bad English, its not my first language)
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