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  1. Hi Guys Has been awhile. Due to the AUD exchange rate and shipping the NSW21 and most other are bit pricey!! Have any of you modelled the SB Audience Nero? (see attach below) and would they be ok in this cabinet? Still looking at two per side and running a Powersoft K10 Also I was going to look at the PM90 but have just picked up a pair of EAW394 powered version in mint condition. Crossover select 80 or 110. So would the CKRAM be smooth up to 110? TIA Chris https://www.sbaudience.com/index.php/products/subwoofers/nero-21sw1100d/
  2. Hi all I am looking at a DIY FOH build. For the top boxes looking at the Peter Morris PM90 and was wondering if this sub in two per side would be a good match. I plan to bite the bullet and spend once so the Eminence NSW6021-6 will be the driver. On that what would be ideal power amps to run the show Chris
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