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  1. 2 of each. Osborn Point out in the Cascades (Washington). Getting out there on the forest service roads is a bit of a challenge, especially with a ton of gear, but the vantage is amazing and you can make as much noise as you like way up there. 21DS115-4 in the Skrams. Keystones are loaded with some spare OEM ceramic, stamped basket 18s from a friend at a local, well known audio manufacturer. They're no B&Cs but they sim nicely and have stood up to some abuse that is frankly well past the specs I was given for them. They've got a good motor and great excursion capability.
  2. Gig report- very impressed. I didn't have time to do proper measurements/EQ with a mic so I fiddled around in hornrep ahead of time to get a phase match with the keystones. Landed on delaying the Keystones 5.8ms with a phase invert. Based on the rich sound, coverage, and amp levels vs output, I think that must have been reasonably close. We had some issues maintaining voltage with the cable runs and generator capacity, and I was quite conservative running the NX6000 into them since I haven't set up proper limiting, but it was more than enough to prove these cabs are quite capable. Got the same
  3. Some carpentry sins have been committed due to time constraints and lack of both quality tools and experience, but nothing I don't expect PL and Bondo to hide. It's an intimidating build to do by hand, mostly due to the bracing, but I wanted to do it "right" and I expect the cabinet is going to be stiff as hell. Got some 21DS115-4s on deck and if all goes well they'll be at full flex at an event last weekend in June.
  4. Spent a full weekend ripping wood for a pair of cabinets. Plan is to augment or eventually replace a pair of Keystones. I've always been a TH fanboy but I trust that if Ricci thinks bandpass cabs are the business then I'm eager to give it a go. Looking forward to that sweet 30hz.
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