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  1. hi Choko, I could not make clear out of your poosts if you use them at home or PA purpose.
  2. Thanx guys, for you reply,s I would like to sim them, and just to be sure in comparing appels to apples. Dos any of you have driver files to import in HR, witch have the corrected inductions, as I don't understand sure how I can correct this myself. for B&C 21DS115-4, B&C21SW152-4, RCF 21N551-4, Eminence NSW6021-6 Also I can get 4 Ipal on 1ohm used for a very good price. To Ricci, would you still prefer the Eminence NSW6021-6 to the Ipal 1ohm 2x serial on a x8 channel. Is this HR data the best one to use to date? Its from July 16, 2019. As I went co
  3. Hello all. After reading a lot I have made the dicision to build 4 skrams. Was using 2 keystones (sw115) and hoping te 4 skams wil make me more happy. So what is unclear for me is the best driver choice,, and maby one of you could point me in the good direction. My amp is an x8 Powersoft of witch I have 2 channels avedible for running the 4 skrams, note that the other 6 channels are barley loaded (4x pm60 tops) so there wil be quite a lot of powershearing able to go to the 2 sub channels. I would like to get as mutch as possible out if the 4 Skram and my amp. combination,
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