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  1. I need 5 hours working the sub, i know tone test is very diferent to real music audio data and i know there is peaks in data music and nominal data in music ,i am trying to find how much is too much power and how much is a waste for the sub , i have never used 6 inch voice coils in subs and never have used 2000 rms subs ,in the past i aleays used 4 inch voice coils for 18 inch subs and crown macrotech 2400 , now im using crown itech 9000 in mono for 2 21 inch subs
  2. I have already tested tone 60 to 100 hz with multimeter reading 160 volts,but i dont know how many volts long term it can handle
  3. hi everyone can you help me to know how many volts does b&c 21sw152-8ohms can handle long term in order to set amp limiting? im using a crown itech 9000hd in mono config with a pair of subs at a total of 4 ohms charge in parallel i have been testing voltage with a uni-t multimeter thanks in advance
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