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  1. Looks like a hell of a party! I still haven't got my 4th together yet but my next event is in just over a month so i've finally got a reason to do it. Been a terrible couple of years for the event industry and the future isn't looking bright for a while yet. Got some new amps for the top end that will hopefully be here by then as well, a couple of Powersoft M50Q which means il actually be able to lift my amp rack in and out of the venue finally (dropping nearly 60kg off the total rack weight)
  2. JM living the dream ❤️ Cant wait to get mine back outside again, we are back to crazy restrictions in relation to entertainment events thanks to another covid outbreak, got 3 more parties booked this year but they keep getting pushed back until restrictions ease. On the plus side i should finally have a chance to build my 4th soon and do some comparisons with the Dayton 18s I bought
  3. Good to see some more SKRAMs getting use at outdoor parties! I built my 3rd for a party at easter, still with the 4x 10" car audio drivers as I ran out of time for testing the Dayton 18"s i bought. Ran for 3 days with 4x Martin W3s for top end and everyone loved it, so many compliments on the sound all weekend! Will be building a 4th soon to finally test the 18"s so i'll keep everyone updated whenever that happens.
  4. The B&Cs aren't too much more for the actual driver in AUD, its the shipping that's the killer, I can buy a whole extra Dayton for less than the price of shipping for 4x 21s of any kind that I've found so far. Whereas that store seems to already have Australian stock of the Daytons and shipping is basically free. @chrapladm me and a friend in Melbourne are planning to get 2 each and hoping to spend around $7-800 or less per driver including shipping. He's just finished his first cab, followed the plan a lot more closely than my first 2 so will be good to compare!
  5. Still looking for something I can get to put in these for a reasonable price in Australia without $1000+ shipping, the best I've found so far is this: http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/rss460ho-4-18-reference-ho-subwoofer-4-ohm?fbclid=IwAR1JAm7KnbBwCsonNZ9AorrNEzcOgoq7e0ZhdofCSj_un8zpBBL20hlqiqw Power handling is obviously a lot lower but I don't have that much power anyway, good sensitivity and a fairly low FS, is it even remotely suitable for bass music in an SKRAM? Nominal Diameter 18" Power Handling (RMS) 900 watts Power Handling (max) 1800 watts Impedance 4 ohms Sensitivity 93 dB @ 2.83V/1m Frequency Response 20 - 500 Hz Voice Coil Diameter 76.2 mm DC Resistance (Re) 3.2 ohms Voice Coil Inductance (Le) 2.24 mH @ 1 kHz Resonant Frequency (Fs) 18.8 Hz Mechanical Q (Qms) 4.05 Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.35 Total Q (Qts) 0.32 Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms) 499g Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms) 0.14 mm/N Surface Area Of Cone (Sd) 1,164.0 cm² Volume of Displacement (Vd) 1,484.1 cm³ BL Product (BL) 23.4 Tm Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) 272 liters Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax) 12.75 mm
  6. Damn I wish it was that cheap here in Australia, an 8ft x 4ft sheet of 18mm BB is over $200 plus shipping for me.
  7. I have a few Martin Audio W3 passive 15s that I could use if I want to go that loud. This system is aimed at smaller speakers, for quieter/closer listening with more emphasis on low end extension. I will experiment with larger folding baffles though, thanks!
  8. This is pretty close to my findings too, I ran 80hz on bass music and 100hz on house/techno, I'll probably try 110hz next time for a little more punch. 12db LR for both, I haven't needed a high pass yet as I've running bugger all power so far.
  9. In the video he said around $1000 canadian dollars
  10. The 21DS115-4's would be ideal, but any of the other drivers that suit these would also work. I'm in Adelaide and have a friend in Melbourne building some of these also, the cheapest we can find so far is Parts Express ebay site
  11. Does anyone have a hookup for a place in Australia that sells drivers that suit these, or an American company that wont charge separate shipping on each one? I'm almost ready to upgrade to some 21s and they're all outrageously expensive to get to Australia
  12. Had my next party on Sunday on the beach with my 2x skrams and 2x Martin W3 tops running from an inverter in my Prius from 2pm till nearly 2am, averaged around 1000w into the whole system (including the CDJs and amps and a few LED lights) and used about 5L of fuel in the car. Around 150 people at the peak of the dancefloor, everyone seemed to love it! Definitely need to build 2 more of these things and upgrade to the proper drivers for even better sensitivity to keep up with the tops
  13. Finally got around to doing some measurements, I'm no expert but here's what I've got so far. 1 sub in the back yard, running off 1 channel of an EV Q1212 at 8 ohms (havnt measured gains or anything yet, just sitting on what sounded good at my last party). UMIK-1 sitting 1 meter from the front, both flat on the grass (UMIK on the stand it came with) The green line is no crossovers, just straight from my PC, through the aux jack into a pioneer DJM2000 mixer, then RCA to Mosconi 6to8 DSP and then RCA>XLR into the EV. The orange line is what I ran at the last party, 2x 80hz 12db LR filters in the Mosconi 6to8. 1/48th smoothing on REW Sorry about the dodgy phone pics
  14. After much deliberation and reading many threads I'm starting to think that rebuilding the 2 monitors to include better low end extension is a better idea than a separate sub. Even that tapped horn design is too big to fit in the car as well as the 2 monitors unfortunately, but if I have 2 larger boxes rather than 3 smaller ones it might package nicer. Next step is to do some modelling and figure out what alignment to do, sealed, ported, bandpass? 1 or 2x anarchy per box? Etc etc
  15. Unfortunately not, they are quite old now and I've lost the boxes and paperwork that came with them, the website only has the specs from the 2017 model onwards which is the series after these so I'm not sure how much different they are (I'd expect they're close but probably not close enough for an accurate model)
  16. Sounds perfect from the title! Il have a read tonight I have an Alpine CDA9887 head unit so should be able to manage a reasonable crossover on that
  17. No idea, I just put them in because I had them laying around. Will definitely be upgrading to 21"s at some point but I can build 2 more boxes with the same drivers for basically no money, still use my current amp and have nicer bass than any other amateur outdoor system in my area, and easily outplay any but the biggest nightclub in my city if I decide to do another indoor party. I'm away interstate at the moment but I need to drag them out for a beach party next week so il do some measuring with REW and UMIK1 and post results then.
  18. Any updates on this? From what I've read over the last couple of days you seem to be heading in a similar path to me but a few years ahead. I currently have 2x Skram and 4x Martin W3 and throwing ~100 person parties in the Australian bush, but hope to build up a similar system and party size to yours in the next couple of years (it's been pushed back a bit now due to covid obviously) My amps are a miss match of JBL, QSC and EV which works fine for a 3 way system now but il need to add more with extra subs in the near future
  19. This is the space I have to work with, il get measurements when I'm home in a few days, I don't currently have the car with me
  20. Hey guys, After joining this forum yesterday to thank Rikki for the Skram plans I built this time last year I'm very happy to see its pretty active still, so I thought I'd throw my next project into the mix. The goal: a portable sub to go with my small monitors that live in my car and get pulled out while camping, at the beach or on job sites. The restrictions: small size, low power (I know, bass needs to be big, this is an issue haha) The gear: Currently the monitors have 2x CDT 6.5" coaxials per side in a sealed box, these will be upgraded eventually but sound fine for my current needs. They run from the head unit in my Prius, I have speakon connectors in my glovebox to extend them beyond the car. I have 6x Exodus Anarchy (4x 4ohm and 2x 8ohm), also a peerless XXLS 10, would prefer not to buy new drivers. My Prius has the back seats removed and a flat platform built to carry my tools or camping gear or whatever so the only free space is where the centre console should be, or the rear seat footwells (which is where the monitors currently live) I would love to run the sub off the remaining 2 head unit channels but I also have a few small 2 channel amps laying around if I really need more power. Volume doesn't need to be crazy, it's usually not much over conversation volume but a little headroom would be nice, I usually listen to bass music so lows are important, deep dubstep, dnb, sometimes psy trance or Techno etc. Am I crazy? Is it even possible? Who knows 🤷‍♂️
  21. Thanks! I'm aware these won't even be close to the sound that the proper drivers and power will give, I have built them in such a way that the entire back panel is removable so I can cut a new baffle and add more bracing for the proper drivers when funds allow. For now I'm blown away at the efficiency and smooth response already and I'm finding low end in songs I didn't know existed on local club systems I've played on so I can't imagine what they will sound like with the proper drivers and a bucket load more power. I think the most power I've put into them so far is about 150w each so there's plenty of room for improvement in the future. I threw one into the back of my car for an audio meet once and pulled 125.7db at 33hz from the rear channels of my head unit (2x 8ohm drivers per channel) 😂 Need to do some proper testing with my UMIK and REW one day soon.
  22. That looks like an absolute monster. I'd be inclined to stick to Skrams simple so you can actually pick them up and move them, 180kg+ for one box is crazy to me if you are touring
  23. Hey guys, I built 2 of these monsters on Boxing Day last year (seemed appropriate) for a New Years party out in the Australian bush, its almost that time of year again and I plan do do 2 more this season so I thought it would be fitting to come back here and thank you for the excellent plans and a year of happy bassing! I didn't (and still don't) have the money for some nice big PA 18"s nor the amps to run them so I am using 4x cheap 10" car audio drivers per box that i had laying around (Memphis SR10 to be precise) and I am blown away by the smooth low end output compared to any other party speakers ive used and even most big car audio systems ive heard (that was my background before moving into DJing and outdoor sound systems). The 2 subs are currently powered by an EV Q1212 and paired with 4x Martin Audio W3 tops that run from a JBL MPX1200 and a QSC MX3000a, processing is via a Mosconi 6to8 car audio DSP. Everyone that's heard them so far this year is very impressed including a couple of outdoor events and an indoor nightclub event, very keen to bring in the new year with 2 more of them! Heres some pics, thanks again Ricci!
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