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  1. I’m new, comin’ to this party late but... I think someone covered this but 15dB boost @ 58hz suggests a room mode - sound waves canceling each other at the mic’s pick up place Anytime time I see boost more than 3-4dB I get concerned especially below 50* hz. Many years ago someone said or wrote using EQ: “think of yourself as a wood or stone carver - remove what you don’t want - the peaks.” W/that mindset you will very slow to boost at any frequency. *as frequency falls, when boosting, power demands increase 3-5 fold YMMV thanks for reading this far, hope this helps. Tony
  2. My first post on this website. I’m struggling to connect the two previous replies w/all that came before. and... Infrasonic opened a question on surround back speaker positioning that I’d like to ask here if that’s ok. Otherwise please suggest which forum page to post upon. Either way I’ll follow w/my system details in a separate reply. Tony
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