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  1. Thank you. Yes, I ended up discarding the idea. Talked to RF as well.
  2. I've got a 2400 cu ft room and I'm considering two sealed subwoofer cabinets using the RF T3 19. I want the best possible transient response. That made me look at sealed boxes. I've seen Josh Ricci's testing carried out back in 2015 in sealed cabinets. The EBP suggests it's possible to mount them either sealed or vented. However, Rockford Fosgate explicitly state on their website "Do not use sealed box" as it's been optimized for vented. What will the disadvantages be for running them in sealed cabinets, poor efficiency, shorter service life, overheating? I listen mostly to music, but having these obviously they will see some Home theater duty as well. EDIT: OK, so I've looked around some, and see JR is running his 8 in dual opposed pairs in sealed cabinets, 4.5 cu ft per driver. My first question remains. I had originally planned to get two T3s, but it turns out I'm only getting one. I know this will lead to cabinet resonance. In addition, I had planned on wiring them in series, and now, since this is a single one ohm driver, and that it could go as low as 0.8 ohm, I'm wondering if it's an idea to put a resistor in series to up the resistance the amplifier will see. I would really appreciate any comments.
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