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  1. Hi, I agree with you @Ricci that two extra skram would do the job without bph kicks. I connected it to a D&B amplifier and put it to work as 21S SUB the same of them (since there is no setup but the model is chosen) and oh how it works well the whole range up to 105Hz - (-5db) with their settings, Unfortunately the problem is that we currently have them two and no money for other two and in this situation I sacrifice the SPL to go low, an additional two skram could then do both but as SME and Peniku stated many times the basses are cut and the music is listened to without skram and at one point the magic just appears : D This is the box made for PD2150-(636,1320,798), it is quite big and not modified for b & c 21 ds115 .. If you are interested I have a slightly different scoop design that I modified for 21ds115 and I am currently waiting for a colleague to make it but as it started I will before: D this is from hornresp .. of course his purpose is to go low and have a spl - mine is 636x1466x836(w-h-d)
  2. Since it is a soundsystem culture and bass music is played the most (DUB / DNB) it is necessary, especially when you have tms4 over 30 years old I made measurements before in the room where we keep the sound and this is how it would look like ... Someone will say no you are crazy, someone that Skram can do range these boxes above them etc ... I agree but I put less strain on him like this and gave him more power for the range that works (29 - 55/60) bph works from (60 - 100) ) and 18 from tms works (100-240) low mid which is otherwise harder to get to sound right and not wonky.. Measurements were made in the room and this is so you can imagine what I think..smoothing 1/24
  3. Hello everyone! A few days ago we pulled the speakers into town and enjoyed a little bit (some yes some no) unfortunately I didn't have time to do the measurements, but the only thing missing were two more boxes :D The difference between these two sounds is in the years. Tms4 are 35 years old and still work impressively, far from being loud for "today's standard", but during that time, respect 🙏 The kicks were modified BPH with 18Sound and Skram with RCF. Other sound are scoop from Rog 21 'loaded w B&C , Kickbin C2D-15' w B&C and the top box is not finished and loaded w 18Sound. A comparison between these two box. Scooper have more SPLs and up cut off i higher than in Skram, but for my ear Skram is much more tonal and works better overall, for some people scoop is better, they don't have the depth that Skram have and these days I'll switch them to DSP from K10 and make my cut off freq. and do comparison again hopefully outside w measurement, because now are connected to Ligwa Preamp (only Skram).
  4. Thank you, know i need since i read about skhorn.. we don't have money at the moment as we want to do everything in one purchase (handles, connectors, paint for those and others boxes and some other things like protective angles etc ..) also think i will close two ports and see outcoming as the main purpouse of the Skram will be 30 - 65Hz can’t wait for a little warmer weather to take the whole sound out and test it properly! We need to make two more Skram and a party in the village : D Ricci what do you think about Paraflex C-2E 1x21 ?
  5. As for the speakers I used b&c 21sw152 is more beastly but to me personally ds115 is much more tonal sounds nicer and softer in lower frequencies .. why I chose rcf because it is sharper, much more aggressive about 60hz than all the others, and if I put 4 the skram will go deep enough to cover that small flaw that it has unlike these two .. if we look at the PA purpose and the sound to me personally of these three rcf is the one that meets my needs. I use them primarily for my own pleasure: D hehe for PA purposes, I have my own sound system DIY (DUB / Bass music) and also work for rental company .. I put two Skram with rcf speakers inside connected to the k10 with DSP (but48_30HZ-65HZ_but30) main purpose, because we also have a bass section with which I cover most of it (270hz) ... I also used skram of 30-110 hz with RCF HDL 26A and they work really really nicely !! with 4 scrams covering 500 people concert for sure! unfortunately I haven't played with port tuning yet and I also haven't dumped the skram with anything inside, meaning just a speaker and bare wood!
  6. Greetings! After listening to "Skram" for a long time(3mon), I can say that the box works very nicely and controls the speaker very well .. I tried to put it inside B&C 21DS115-8 // B&C21SW152-8 // RCF 21N551-8 I am currently using Rcf and staying with it because it is raw and tight, and the overall performance is better , better spread over octaves than with two b&c SW152 is deeper and stronger but therefore more muddy or undefined, ds115 sounds even more beautiful to me in terms of softness and bass, but it lacks "strength" compared to these two before ..
  7. The frequency response is taken from the original pdf 451 and 551
  8. Greetings... Thanks Ricci for the box design and free plans! After a lot of reading about these boxes, I decided to make them for a project I have with a friend! so far we’ve made two and I’m looking forward to turning them on, measuring them and adding them to the rest of the sound. My question is related to the speakers I would use and if anyone can explain to me the difference between these two frequency responses (RCF551 and 451) and why is such a curve at 451. 551 451 I've seen that with the b & c driver 18ds115 which we currently use in the scoops box and it sounds great! I have a chance to take two new 551 and I think they would work better in this box than a 451, maybe I'm wrong :)? Thanks in advance! Chiko
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