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    quieting a pro amp

    Unfortunately, no easy location to which to relocate amp. And definitely using the DSP for parametric and shelving EQ, which Speaker Power doesn't seem to offer. Have confirmed cabinet interior remains room temp even as fan spools up audibly several minutes after power up with no input. So simply venting the cabinet wouldn't help much at idle and low power. Thinking low-hanging fruit is to replace acrylic door with laminated glass. Supposed to be worth maybe 5-10dB attenuation. Next is probably to fab a new top, maybe sloped, with axial fans venting toward rear, existing fan outlets taped off. Not gonna be pretty, but hopefully effective.
  2. tlag

    quieting a pro amp

    Funnily, net noise level at listening position is roughly equivalent, doors open vs. closed, slower vs. faster fan. Probably subjectively a bit worse open, as there's higher-frequency content. I think the equipment's happy enough with doors closed, as average power level isn't high at all, and the fan never gets nearly as fast as it does right at power-on. The conservatively-programmed thermal cutoff has never tripped. Used to use a 1RU fan plate/controller with remote probe which showed max. cabinet ambient to be maybe 100F or so. The little 40mm fans were noisy and useless in the cabinet, though, open or closed. But SME, you're right, it's probably well worth trying some bigger fans to flow the whole cabinet before elective surgery on the amp. peniku8, it's been a while since I cracked the case, but provided there's some access to the cooling path from the top, that sounds like a low-impact way to proceed as well. Hmm... why not both?
  3. Hi, long-time reader, first-time poster here. Have a Powersoft K10 DSP I've been really happy with for sub duty, *except* for the fan noise in my DIY TV stand/cabinet. Starts out ok, then gets annoyingly loud as things warm up. The cabinet is 24" deep, 3/4" pine top/bottom, 1/2" Baltic ply sides, sliding 1/4" acrylic doors, and open back, inch or two from wall. So with the depth of the K10 and wires out back, not much free fore/aft room. But 11" interior height available. Can hear it through the acrylic doors, so laminated glass doors might help? Kinda thinking the overall best way to quiet this thing down would be to replace the squirrel-cage blower with some larger, quieter fans, meaning new enclosure or existing enclosure mod. Has anyone done anything like this? I know about quiet PCs, but this is more of a higher-velocity/-pressure type system as is, so larger fans would need some ducting into the narrow tunnel. Can I even get there from here? Would appreciate any experiences or insights; thanks!
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