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  1. Thanks for your input peniku8, really appreciated!
  2. Gotcha on the proximity to the side walls being a non-issue - that's great to hear! Should I be expecting any boundary effects though due to being close to the wall, effectively making the port longer. I will obviosuly tune the box properly by measurement but would like to know what to expect. This will be a pretty large box (net 500 liters for 2 x 21") which will have inner dimensions of 135x 90 x 75 cm so there could be some quarter of a wavelength resonances to deal with... hhmmm.... If stuffing is too inefficient, I may have to come up with something else, like staggering panels inside to break up distances.... bummer!
  3. I know the rule of thumb is to keep the end of the port (inside the box) away from any walls by a distance equal to the diameter of the port. However, although great in theory, how big of a deal is this in real life in terms of chuffing or other negative effects? Let's say I build a sub similar to this SVS one, having a flared 8" port that runs straight towards the rear without any bends, where the distance from the edge of the end flare is very close to the bottom of the sub (e.g. half an inch) inside the box: This one would have the port end close to both the botton and side wall: Perhaps far from ideal but so many commerical designs seem to be built like this: Also on the outside, these ports are very close to the floor - certainly no diameter away from this "obstruction". As long as you tune the length of the port to account for any resulting boundary effects (compared to sim), why should I just not go ahead and do it this way? Especially if the only other option available is to mount the port on top facing up? If I do it, is it better to keep any fill away from the critical distance or would it be better to strategically add some around there to mitigate any turbulence? Speaking of which, does nobody stuff their boxes any longer, say for 15-80Hz? A friend of mine said that's old school and to go ahead if I like wooly and loose bass....🙄
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