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  1. 21 minutes ago, peniku8 said:

    Unless you're after the low Fs, the 18IPAL would probably be your best bet. More Xmax, more power, much lower Qts...

    I was under the impression to really take advantage of the iPal drivers you needed an iPal amplifier as well?


    Looking at the B&C iPal 18, it has 20mm xmax so pretty comparable there, Qts is .14 iPal vs .352 JBL and .357 for the BMS so yes the QTs is quite a bit lower. 


  2. I know Ricci has tested both if these drivers raw.  On paper they look very very similar, possibly the JBL having higher xmech but xmax is listed as the same.


    What are your thoughts of the differences of these two drivers?  Is there any other "pro" style 18 that can run with these?  Curious on your thoughts.  

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