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  1. Ok great, thanks ricci thats super helpful! i will aim for 4 in the long-term and will plan drivers and amps around that. Im currently thinking of going with the B&C 21SW152-4. I reckon im going to start with a single cabinet and see how i find the process and results. Ive been reading through the threads on amps, how well do you think this would work with a skhorn? https://djcity.com.au/product/behringer-nx6000d-power-amp-with-smart-sense/?gclid=CjwKCAiAlajvBRB_EiwA4vAqiNB3Ik_NHgGRrWRio1k-RCDxNb-UAQg1B4OOf6AH48mY4u8Il71H1hoCK2sQAvD_BwE
  2. Hi Everyone, First post on the forum. Read through this thread a few times and im thinking of building a skhorn. Im looking for a cabinet /driver/amp combination that can handle musical and complex bass at low hz, early dub with alot weight in the low end or the UK hardcore continuum with complex varying deep sub bass lines. What sized space do you think a single skhorn would power well? I used to go to a night in a basement, about a 5x10m across dance area, single large cabinet stack at the back, it would get a solid hi-fi club sound with good power in the low end. Would it be be better to plan to build a couple of skothorns to get this kind of sound in a similar area? This will affect how much money i allocate to the amp. Which components o you think has a highest impact on the quality of the sound, the size/number of cabinets, the quality of driver, or the quality of the amplifier? Quality of the sound is my highest priority it doesn't have to be the full chest shaking loud that you will get out of RC1. Nice one Sakkara
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