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  1. Thanks "dgage"! No offense taken on your comments. I know I'm the newbie on this forum and must earn my respect. I apologize if I offended anyone with my opinion post. I'm a vintage audio guy, who enjoys a 2-Ch Stereo Setup. However, my clients like home theater systems with 5.1 to 7.1-Ch setups. I know and understand that there are more powerful sub manufacturers in the industry than REL & SVS. I'm not here to dispute which subs are the best, or sound better, or more powerful, etc. Every person experiences music differently, and have their own sound preferences. I created this Forum Topic for some insight and ideas for building a nice sub cabinet for the driver. I know I'm not going to build a REL sub box that matches their sound quality. I'm doing this project to challenge myself and become more familiar with building subwoofers & loudspeaker cabinets. Thank you for the feedback.
  2. In my opinion the top two subwoofer manufacturers are "REL" & "SVS". I have not heard any other sub drivers hit low frequencies with such crisp-expanding bass. These subs really change sound dynamics. Now, with that all said I came across a fairly new REL Q108 MKII Sub Driver for $25 and had to buy it. So, now I going to hone my building skills and construct my own subwoofer. I have some idea of what kind of box I want to build (enclosed box for sure), but I like to hear from anyone that has any ideas or delt with building a sub box using a REL driver. Thanks
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