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  1. I will take those 9601s if they are still available. Just message me so we can work out details. Thanks. Paul
  2. A friend of mine has a project in school where he has to make something with a CNC machine and I asked him if building a sub enclosure or two could be part of his project. He will let me know in the next few days. If the answer is yes and if it is ok with you, I was hoping to build a pair of SKRAMs. I'm pretty sure you said those drivers would work nice in that box so if he can do the cuts for me I will buy those subs. Will let you know in a few days at the latest. I would love to use them in my theater to suppliment my HST18MKii and they could be taken outside when I have yard parties. Paul
  3. Hi Josh, Is that 21ID still up for grabs? Paul
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