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  1. That's a point we also don't like. We would build it in lightweight construction with carbon epoxy combination, so we think it will end up at approx 130kg, but still it's really heavy. But at the end its not depending on the weight for us but on the sound.
  2. Hi all! we finish our second skram and in the meanwhile we are thinking to build some more. And then we saw the new Powersoft M Force EDM Sub Design. Now we ask ourselfes if it makes more sense to build 2 more skrams and have 4 in total (28hz–100hz) or we give it a try and build the Powersoft EDM 2 x 30" (18hz–40hz, infra setup), so the skams just plays down to 40hz... My inner child skreams "build this robo subwoofer!" haha Ricci and all the others, what do you think makes more sense? PS_EDMSUB_RD.pdf
  3. Hi again, I'm working with MomoTon on the project. Our plan is not reducing the width but increasing it for more output. I think we made the parts +5cm in width for now. The question is if its worth it to let it 5cm broader to get more output. If its just +1dB that we'll gain, I wouldn't think it's necessary and we would make the skram with the original width.. We are also very excited about the build! There will be a few challenges...
  4. Thanks for the good advices! I´ll be back with some testing results of the materials and maybe we try some cooling systems (not sure yet)
  5. about 1200€ I just wrote an email to powersoft oem europe and described who we are.. then they answered that they support us with pleasure. I don't know if its normal or if we are just lucky. Yeah, I thought about asking for the price for the M-Force haha looks so cool.
  6. Ipal on bluearan in uk and the mod from powersoft europe We don't know if the temperature will be a problem, but if it does we will test some cooling systems (we thought of a water cooling.. )
  7. Hey again! We just found a cheap way to buy the 21ipal and a ipalmod for each skram, so we want to make the skram active. In addition to that we will plan an active cooling system for the magnet (because we think that temperature will be the a limiting aspect(?)). Now we are considering to optimize the skram cabinet, because if the temperature and power are not the limiting aspects it will be excursion again, right? If it's like that, how would you change the cabinet? Maybe smaller, that there is more pressure? Or could be the half skhorn the better option? Next topic will be the
  8. before we start building the second skram we want to make oszillating tests with test pieces. These will be like 18mm birch, 12/15mm Banova with Epoxy(and carbon), the same with poplar and birch. we are not sure zet, how the tests will look like, but we are sure to find a way after that we will make the second skram out of the winner design and then compare it with the orig. skram. Ok, those are interesting advices, so we will try it without them first. Is it a good idea to make i.e. per side one Top with both, the AMT with the Mids, and a second cab with only the M
  9. Hey guys, my friends and I are totally fascinated of the Skram and for now we want to build two of them. At first we'll build it with the suggestion of 18mm birch ply and after we want to do some changes for the second pair. We want to make it out of 15mm (birch ply and in the core of it one layer of poplar to make it lighter) in addition we would like to add some braces out of carbon and epoxy resin. It should be as stiff as 18mm birch ply. Do you have any concerns with this plan so far? We are not sure which kickbass we want to use. Maybe some of you have another recom
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