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  1. On 7/31/2019 at 3:12 AM, jay michael said:

    Of note.  The skram's have a powerful 30hz grunt to them, very clean and hifi sounding..... but I think the Othorn sounds slightly more exciting with those really low frequencies.   The Othorn has some sort of a unique harmonic growl to its 30hz output that is just really sexy.  The Skram's are seriously almost there... they are just ever so slightly perhaps a little cleaner so it doesn't sound quite as rowdy as the Othorn does down low.  On the other hand the skram up higher is noticeably more impactful and punchy which for most types of music I think is going to serve you better.    If you are strictly a bass music lover the Othorn is a pretty amazing beast,  If your musical tastes are wider I think the Skram is the way to go. 

    Someone previously mentioned adding kick bins to their system.... you were me a year ago, that's what I figured I needed for the sound I was chasing.  I would try the skram first with a nice beefy top cabinet, you may likely agree that kick bins are not needed, the skram's kick plenty.   If your stuck on the kickbin idea then maybe the Othorn might be your ticket. 


    Ah Jay your making it trickier for me aswell aha, both our kicks and subs can be used down to 40hz, so low end grunt is what we are after.  both seem great options, hard to argue with price point of skram but then again othorns will still be cheaper than pro audio stuff, and as good if not better. at least i am no rush to decide. 

    14 hours ago, Ricci said:

    Adding 2" of width shouldn't affect things much but I'd not add the height. Can you not lay the subs on their side so they are 36" wide? If you are using more than 4 or more subs you should be able to stack them or arrange side by side for plenty of width.

    okay cheers.

    yeah we would likely stack on sides anyway, its just nice to have have an option to stack one sub and one top for smaller gigs (without over hang), i mean theyd be fine, itd just do my ocd in.

  2. Very interested in this design, going to build one just to have a listen. and if i like what i hear i'll build 8+ of them for our rig!


    one thing, our tops are bit wider than these, so would want to build them 2inch or so wider, and possibly taller, by few inches.

    will this effect the sound in anyway? and how so?


    also whats the best way to do so? scale everything up?


    look forwards to hearing back!



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