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  1. hello, there is a 15% off on parts express right now, and i would like to upgrade subwoofer system. I currently own a pair of 18 sound NLW9600, in single bandpass box 7cu each, after displacement. they are 8 ohm, and i run them with an inuke 6000dsp. They sound ok, but i would like to run the amp at 4ohm, and was thinking on 2 options. A) Getting 2 LaVoce SAN184.03 18, to run all 4 subs, to work the amp at 4ohms per chanel . B) getting 2 B&C 21DS115-4 21 , and sell the 18 sound. A) the cons, more hauling, 4 boxes....2 different kind of subwoofers. Amplifier could heat? A) the pros, almost 6db more, more cone area, and more power. B) the bad, more costly. Less cone area than four 18s. B) Same subs, only 2 box to haul. I would apreciate your help, and advise.
  2. Would the inuke 12000 at 2ohm be to much for a pair of 18NLW9601? 4ohm bridged, two 8ohm subwoofers. Inuke 12000 1100 x 2 @ 8ohm 2700 x 2 @ 2ohm
  3. $450 shipped. TC sounds 5200 dual 4ohm voice coils.
  4. ricci, i have the sickness of bass and subwoofers, and its affecting me :( 
    , i would appreciate your knowledge, if you can help me out.
    I currently have a pair of dayton PA465 in a Bandpass 7cu ft. 
    And bought recently bought a pair of 18 sound NLW9600 to replace them. they will arrive this weekend
    Here it goes...
    I saw the deal on Parts Express , of the Lavoce SAN214.5 , 
    As i seen you tried both subs, do you think is worth to just sell the NLW9600 and jump on a pair of Lavoce 21s?
    I do electro and techno  , gigs outdoors. 
    And use the inuke 6000dsp. 


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