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  1. Glad we now have some more data on these, would the weaker performance at higher excursion of the 9601 make the 21sw152-4 a clear cut winner in an Othorn doing 25-80 at high power(upto 4000W~ per driver) in a PA setting? Or in real world use is there not much difference between them? Really tempted to try and sell my 21lw9601 and use 21sw152-4 instead as I can get them £100 cheaper each than the 9601, i'm really interested in how these drivers compare and any advantages of using one over the other.
  2. Sounds good, thanks much appreciated man
  3. Hi Josh, I see this is the 8 ohm version you tested, do you know how the 4 ohm version compares against this one, specifically for use in the Othorn? I already own the driver and got the 4 ohm version so the amp can provide enough power but i'm a noob sandwich when it comes to this stuff
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