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  1. As per title, really. Not really interested in those from the Audiopulse era or the newer stuff; old(er) TC what I'm after. Eclipse, eD, SoundSplinter, Stryke, OEMs, LMS/LMTs, protos, one-offs, etc. PRs too as well as raw parts, depending on what they are. So nothing in particular, BUT I do quite fancy a red basket LMS-4000 right now, if anyone would happen to have one of those rare beasts. That, and the TV-12 driver found in a few older SVS subwoofers. Let me know if you have anything! Cheers
  2. Have visited this place for years, finally decided to sign up. Thought once I did I might be able to select a different theme, but seems not? So any chance a night/dark (grey?) theme could be incorporated into the forums as an option? My eyes burn up looking at the blinding white background! Would be much appreciated. Certainly better than sitting here with sunglasses on
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