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  1. Thanks, guys!!! I decided to go ans test my luck with the NX6000D. I also watched a video where the guy dyno tested the previous iNuke 6000. To me, 2,000w per channel sounds good... That should be enough (I hope). Wish me luck!!!
  2. Josh, thanks. The Marantz receiver I has both X32 and Sub EQ HT. I will use a 5-channel Emotiva amplifier to power my main LCR’s (DIY Sound Group’s 1099’s) and surrounds (DIY Sound Group’s Volt-8’s). The receiver will power the Atmos channels (DIY Sound Group’s Volt-6’s). About the fan mod, that is the only thing left that concerns me as I would be voiding the warranty of a $500 amp. So far that is the only thing holding me back. I live in Puerto Rico and shipping is going to be expensive to get the Ultimax and its sealed cabinet shipped here. I have to have it sent to my dad in Orlando for free and he will send it to me. I hope this sub/cabinet combination and this amplifier work great together just the way I expect them to. I’ll start looking for threads with this modification.
  3. Hey, Josh!!! Thanks for replying. I’m a total rookie on this DIY thing and I still have more questions than answers. This is the reason I joined this group - so I can learn from all of you, get the most out of my investment and avoid regrets 🙂. I hope you don’t mind me having a few questions... sorry!!! I forgot to mention some details. My room is 12x12 and I’m planning on buying a Marantz 6012 (or maybe the 6014) which I will use a preamp since I have a 5-channel amplifier for my mains and surrounds. Either of those receivers/units feature XT32 and Sub EQ HT. - Do I still need the DSP on the Behringer or the MiniDSP to properly integrate both sealed Ultimax’s? - I’ve read several times about the fan noise on the Behringer. Is there any way to fix that? This concernes me very much because all my electronics are about 2-3 feet at my right, which is pretty close. - You talked about setting a limiter a bit below the clip limit; is that something I can do on the amplifier itself or do I need something else? - I’ve read and seen many people saying that Behringer tends to spec the power of their gear way higher than what it really is... That concerns me. I don’t want to spend expecting something and get another. I might be able to save some additional $ and get the NX6000D instead. I don’t know, what do you think? Sorry for asking so many questions! I hope you can guide me...
  4. Hi everyone, new member here! I realize it might have been better id I would just opened a new thread (which I will), but I wanted to ask here as well. I’m buying (2) Ultimax 18” with sealed cabinet bundles from Parts Express: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-18-ultimax-subwoofer-and-cabinet-bundle--300-7099 I was wondering which amp would you suggest between the Behringer NX3000D and the Crown XLS-1502. I will also buy the MiniDSP with the UMIK-1. I will buy two of the same amp because I want to use separate amps for each subwoofer. Which one do you think would be the best of them? Thanks!!!
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