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  1. I have one in Iowa that I built that I'm not currently using (in favor of like 15 12"s), but I know that's like 8 hours away unless you wanted to try to make something work.
  2. Well I'm tempted to build another, but I think I need to soundproof my theater more first. It is a basement room in a 3000+ sq ft house, but I think there's no room you can go to escape just the one. How in the world is your house intact with what you've got so far, Jesal? On the plus side, it was pushing 90 degrees in Iowa today so sitting in front of the Skram vents with the Edge of Tomorrow intro was a nice way to keep cool Single port block seems to be working nicely. I was figuring with the side wall loading, the one I blocked would be a touch lower tuning than blocking an edge one Probably gonna grab some measurements on Monday.
  3. Just a few minor alterations to the design, but it's working great!
  4. Followup build question - if going for a single port block, is there any benefit to blocking a particular port over another? As in - only do an edge or a middle one might be fine too?
  5. Thanks. I think I had seen that. I just wanted to be sure that there wasn't anything different for the ones in the mouth of the "horn". I hear ya on the pain with the hole saw. I did a bunch on the inside, but since I wanted the front to look a bit prettier, I didn't want my dull hole saws ugly-ing up the finish of the birch. Based on the fact that it looks like you have several of these done now, I think I'll copy you on the no holes method! It'll stay in place extra nicely with that added weight 😉
  6. Is there any requirement or acoustical impact to not having the holes in the upper front port braces? I assumed it was purely for weight savings, but I wanted to be sure before I put the last side on mine without holes.
  7. I'll take some of the beer in the back! Have you had a chance to get them plugged in yet?
  8. Sure. I haven't reread through the skhorn thread in a while so maybe I'll go read all those again. I just came across the linked sub today so I'm not super familiar either. I've been planning to tackle a skram build (or 2) with the Lavoce drivers so I've been digging into all the related builds with similar drivers lately and was just curious how they compared. The size of the skram is seems to be pretty compact which is quite handy! I also came across another similar (albeit larger) design by LTD02 for these drivers called the Devastator. Does anyone know if that would that be similar in performance, at least when accounting for the difference in overall size? Devastator an LTD02 hybrid design https://www.avsforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3032394
  9. How would the Skram stack up against the same driver in a ported enclosure like the MBM-21 by GSG? Are there other advantages to the 6th-ish order enclosure vs. just the basic 4th order ported box? The tunings are quite similar. https://shop.gsgad.com/collections/mbm-by-gsg
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