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  1. What did you end up going with in the end? I've gotten excellent results crossing the ots at 70htz to the ES18-BPH running Fane 18XB drivers. They stack perfectly and let the ots work where they are comfortable and lifts a super punchy kick up to chest height nicely as well as getting your tops comfortably above a crowd.
  2. Hey Josh I just had a quick question. Going over the plans before they go to the cnc and i just noticed that the rebates in the side panels that fit the baffle and also the horizontal mouth brace are drawn in at 21mm wide. Cant see anything saying they're supposed to be cut from 21mm... is this an error or am I missing something or reading it wrong? And from that if the rebates are supposed to be 18mm, when I correct it do I shift bottom edge up to increase the mouth volume or the top edge down?
  3. True thanks for getting back to me mate. What program are you using to open the dxf? This is the copy I have does this work for you? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PPxezBeijeT5587K50ummdr6r_vIfstz/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. Heya guys I’m having trouble getting these plans to open properly. Autocad showing them with no sheets or layers. Other cad software returning errors and saying the file is empty etc. SK horn .dxf file opened fine when I tried it as comparison. Anyone else had similar issues?
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