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  1. I suppose it depends on your perspective... Your Othorn is the same size as my Vegas, and I have to lay two C-Vs together to get a decently sized horn.
  2. I like the looks of the Skhorn, but it's a little too small for my Neanderthal taste. I realize that you designed it to be as small as possible on purpose... but let me ask you this; can it be made more efficient by scaling to a larger size?
  3. Thank you for your reply, Ricci. "Budget" is always an issue in the real world, but large size is actually a benefit to me, as I prefer my systems to have an imposing appearance. And from my own subjective experience, I have found larger cabinets to produce a more natural sound. For bass horns, anything not exceeding 4'x8'x32" is good for me. Therefore, even though the "Skhorn", from what I can tell, seems to be a fine feat of engineering... something akin to the Othorn would probably much better suit my needs. I read somewhere that you had designed an "improved" version of the Othorn. If this is true, are those drawings currently availible? And what are your own thoughts regarding the revisions you have made?
  4. Ricci, cruising the forums, I've seen several people say that the OtHorn is the most "musical" sounding sub they have heard. I have never heard them myself, and was wondering if this is still the case in 2019? The best sounding short range subs I have personally heard were JBL SRXs, but I am out of touch with the latest developments, and currently using C-V EL36C honk box's which don't go nearly low enough...
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