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  1. Thanks for writing back, Ricci. You have made the Skhorn's sound more impressive than the Tuba 60's, size and performance do matter. Skhorn seems to win out! Cost doesn't matter at this time, we might as well invest in quality drivers instead of cheaper drivers if they outperform. Which is the choicest of all the four drivers you have listed. Is it that question not as easy to answer/are there other factors ought I weigh even if cost is negated? Wishing you a very happy New Year. p.s. ... I have attached the genres/styles of music will be used for outdoor parties. They will played off a Pioneer DDJ SX's mixer. With this list I hope this will help inform your choice of driver. I may not be necessary, but it might well be. I think it's just an interesting read. It took a day to organize this document. We're looking for the best as my wife and I live simple existences but our ambitions to be the best by providing the best is at the core of what we do. The best music through the best sound system. A passionate investment, a commitment, and well worth striving for. I see your crew talks shop about other subs out there on the Skhorn build thread, if there are other subs to consider that have the excellence of Skhorns', since we're in Canada, please help us by letting us know. Respect, man. And where should we purchase the equipment ... we really don't know. If this is all to much for you, answering all these noobite questions, all well and good. Cheers. GENRES.rtf
  2. Ricci, no offense taken! I think it was Einstein who said that different animals have different intelligence, you can't expect a fish to climb a tree! Well, I am that fish and building/assembling DIY speaker systems in sound reinforcement settings is quite a high tree, without too many low branches to hang to, so I am grateful that you chose to reach-out and share your thoughts! Question: how are your sub designs and the subs mentioned on the the opposite ends of the spectrum? What brought me here is to find an alternative. I'm trying to evaluate what's out there before finding who -- among friends and friends in my family who do have experience and talent constructing wooden cabinets - before choosing what's best. What factors ought I consider before deciding between models?
  3. Hi Ricci, Yes, here is much better than pm. Thank you. Nancy and I live in Canada. I was looking at the various drivers you recommended. Is it accurate to say that the 21NLW9601 can play deeper notes while the plays louder 21NTLW5000? I`m a confused by the definitions of the specs: Of course, I'll choose Skhorn by how you explained it. I am comparing these with the Tuba 60's/45's/30's. I I don't know if there's a pro-sound society. I'm not here to conspire, either. I don`t know if people know people, if there's friendships or rivalries made, so I am not sure if it`s okay to bring up another DYI builders data. His specs are for sale, and I already bought them, your's are free; somewhere in the psychology of semantics of business and passion I'm seeing two very different approaches, both respectable. https://billfitzmaurice.info/T60.html https://billfitzmaurice.info/T30T45.html The TUBA 60 has three options: either a single Eminence Lab15, OR single Eminence Lab12 (which is what Tuba 45's/30's use as well but the boxes are different dimensions &/ shapes,) OR one Eminence Lab12. 21NLW9601: Frequency Range 25-2000 Hz, 96 dB SPL 1W/ 1m average sensitivity, 3600W program power handling, Fs 37 Hz http://www.eighteensound.com/Portals/0/PDFs/21NLW9601.PDF 21TNLW5000: Frequency Range 30-1800Hz, 96.5 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity, 4000W program power handling, Fs 31 Hz http://www.eighteensound.com/Products/Articles/Detail/catid/4078/eid/5120/21ntlw5000 Lab15: Frequency Range 20Hz– 1200 Hz, 88.5 dB SPL 1W/1m average sensitivity, 1200 W Program Power Rating, Fs 28 Hz https://www.eminence.com/pdf/LAB_15.pdf Lab12: Frequency Range 25 Hz–1000 Hz Hz, 89.2 dB SPL 1W/1m average sensitivity, 800 W Program Power Rating, Fs 22 Hz https://www.eminence.com/pdf/LAB_12.pdf When I suggested that we ought to use a Lab 15 outdoors, it was told that below 30Hz outdoors isn't feasible because cabin gain is needed below 30Hz. ... the specs look weird to me, Lab15 has a range from 20 Hz but a Fs of 28 Hz 21NLW9601 has a range from 25 Hz but a Fs of 37 Hz Lab12 has a range from 25 Hz but a Fs of 32 Hz 21NLW5000 has a range from 30 Hz but a Fs of 31 Hz. Question#1: What is the relationship between frequency range and resonance when it comes to To partially answer my own question: Fs means (from wikipedia): The frequency range of a system is the range over which it is considered to provide satisfactory performance, such as a useful level of signal with acceptable distortion characteristics. A listing of the upper and lower limits of frequency limits for a system is not useful without a criterion for what the range represents. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frequency_band#Frequency_ranges Also called Fs, resonance frequency measured in hertz (Hz). The frequency at which the combination of the energy stored in the moving mass and suspension compliance is maximum, and results in maximum cone velocity. A more compliant suspension or a larger moving mass will cause a lower resonance frequency, and vice versa. Usually it is less efficient to produce output at frequencies below Fs, and input signals significantly below Fs can cause large excursions, mechanically endangering the driver. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thiele/Small_parameters Q#2 Which cab plays the lowest tones? Q#3 Concerning sub cabs, is there anything else to consider? It seems that the Lab15 plays the lowest tones if tone values are based on frequency range as well as resonance frequency. The guys on the board recommended, like you did, four cabs: four Tuba 45's or two Dual Lab12's. Why not four/six (max.) Tuba Lab 15's? If Tuba's are the way to go, then they have matching tops.
  4. Dear dB forum, Opening the question to the forum. My wife (Nancy) and I want to create a dedicated soundsystem to reach out to our community and have indoor parties and outdoor doofs & teknivals; to guess, we will probably have under one hundred people showing up to our first community events, and then will grow quickly to about 500. Lots of music has been collected, including music that falls under the drum n bass and bass music genres. We are the initiators of this project, and we are just getting our feet wet in our knowledge about pro-audio. Our interest has peeked here because our hardware on our controller can play at 20Hz and no where else can we find subs that play those notes that low. Am I right in thinking that the Gjallarhorn v2 is the right option for parties ... I am tad confused because these seem to be home theatre speakers. What would be the right option for us for our build requirements of having 20 Hz tones played for DJ events? I am sorry for the lack of great communication; I have a disability in my ability to communicate so it's kind of difficult to get the points across graciously, plus we're fresh and new to pro-sound! We'd like to build a design from Ricci, but which one and which is the premium driver for that build? How many do we need for 500 people outdoors. Dimensions of the subwoofer don't matter. Plus, what is the best top to match with this sub? Combining the whole kit, what sort of amps, dsp, etc would be best? ... I'm in this way with these questions because we don't what's out there and I don't to know how to access this sort of information.. I'm just trying to go for the lowest, clearest sound, and the best matching gear, we've been dreaming to build something great in terms of community outreach over several years, and this extends to even before Nancy and I met. We are ready to embark to make this dream a reality in 2019/2020 but we need the right information. We have finally come to the right website, that's for sure. Everyone here shares openly and we are grateful to that. Thanks and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, to everyone. RichardB
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