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  1. 4 hours ago, Timon said:

    Hey guys,

    my friends and I are totally fascinated of the Skram and for now we want to build two of them. 
    At first we'll build it with the suggestion of 18mm birch ply and after we want to do some changes for the second pair.
    We want to make it out of 15mm (birch ply and in the core of it one layer of poplar to make it lighter) in addition we would like to add some braces out of carbon and epoxy resin. It should be as stiff as 18mm birch ply.

    Do you have any concerns with this plan so far? 

    We are not sure which kickbass we want to use. Maybe some of you have another recommendation?

    We are planing to build one Cubo Kick 12 per Skram with the 18sound 12ND830 and a little bigger cabinet, so it gets down to about 90hz and up to 200hz.

    The other consideration is to build some sealed boxes as kicks but I worry if this will be very harmonic with the Skram. But it should be the purest and punshiest kick, isn't it?
    There would be I guess 2 drivers per Skram (depends on the driver). 

    What do you think? What would you do?

    As Mid Tops (from 200hz with a bit different AMT) there will be one Mundorf AMT (with a horn in front of it and an active cooling system) and two Wavecore WF259PA01 per side.. Mostly we are playing Techno, etc. but the system should be able to let you enjoy all kinds of music...

    It would be great if you guys could help us with your knowledge!

    Thanks a lot,

    I would advise against the combination of hardwood and plywood, as both have a different CLTE. If you're really limited on weight, you may try to use Banova Ply. You could do the outside panels with regular BB ply and use the Banova for all inside panels (and be my guinea pig at the same time 😉)

    Other than that, I'd personally prefer to keep the speaker count at 2 (i.e. one or multiples of the same sub playing from 20/30Hz to 60/100Hz depending on taste and a (line) array of the same capable tops). I had a quick look at the tops you're using and I don't see the need for a kick bin here. The dual 10" tops should capable enought to cross them over between 80 and 100Hz, and the Skrams are capable enough to be used in that configuration as well.

  2. On 2/20/2018 at 10:10 PM, Ricci said:

    Incorporating the air volume in the driver cones rather into S2, instead of using Vtc and Atc, was a much closer match for this design.

    I got into HR today and finally understand why you chose to correct the parameters like this. How much of a difference did this make?

  3. 5 hours ago, Ricci said:

    NSW6021-6 looks great in either the Skhorn or Skram. No mods needed. Same for the SAN214.50. If you want a larger back chamber use the Skram. 

    That's cool, I was thinking about boosting the bottom end (via a larget back chamber?) to get a flatter FR. Or would multiples (open air) do the trick similar than horn stacking? I know you get the biggest benefits by making a cluster, but I'm not a fan of that. I'd either go with one per side for smaller shows or a row of 4/6/8 along the stage front. Ya know, beamforming n stuff

    I mixed a show for around 1600 guests a while ago and there was a center bass cluster of 4 SB218. When mixing so that the FOH had a decent bass level 20m from the stage, the first row near the subs was in for a hell of a ride. When hearing complaints about the kickdrum, my question 'where did you stand?' was always answered by 'right in front of the stage'. I don't wanna do that when I'm in charge of the PA.

  4. @Ricci, how do you expect the new Eminence driver to perform in the SKHorn? Its stats looks pretty close to the IPAL, with the benefit of being a good fit for 2Ohm stable amps (with 3Ohm per Cab per channel), but the efficiency might be a little lower?

    Since the LaVoce dropped in price here (to 350€/400$, can probably get it even cheaper) it would also be interesting how one would modify the cab to fit that driver better (slightly larger back chamber?).

  5. On 2/10/2019 at 8:58 AM, SME said:

    I'm curious as to what you were thinking of.  One dead simple idea is to just take the double driver Skhorn, cut it in half and add a 3/4" wall where the center used to be along with maybe some extra bracing.

     I think the hard part would be finding what kind of binding hardware works best.  Something ratcheting might be a good idea.  Maybe nylon strip like for tying down loads?  Ideas...

    I don't have enough knowledge about designing horns to be talking about this with confidence, but since the horn opening angle would drop to 6° from 12° if simply cut in half and adding a side panel the interior would need to be redesigned. That is if a horn works the way I think it does, if it doesn't please call me out.

    As for binding hardware butterfly latches would be great. I actually posted about this modular cab idea using butterflies on AVS some time ago but nobody seemed to be into it.

    You could even saw the original SKHorn in half and slap like 6 butterfly latches on that to combine it. Use weather stripping to seal it and you have your modular SKHorn.
    I wonder what it would sound like if just left in pieces  :D

    But I think we're going slightly off topic here, that could be discussed in a new thread ;)

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