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  1. Did anyone get their invoice yet? I'm still waiting for mine, they said to check spam, but nothing. edit: All sorted! Can't wait
  2. Anything that would be better than two JL 10W6v3 D4's sealed, 1kW @ 1 ohm? Perhaps 1 sealed 15" can take up less space than a rectangular sealed dual 10" box in the trunk.
  3. It's mostly movies / TV shows. But I do listen to music as well, and I'd like to get closer to the chest thump from bass guitars and kick drums. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction!
  4. That makes sense. I just placed an order for the HTM-10's - a bit more cone area, and a step up without going bananas in terms of size. I'll report back in a few weeks once I've got them assembled and dialed in.
  5. SME, that is a good point. I know even less about mains than I do about subwoofers. The HTM-10 kit from DYISG is not too large and might be something to look into - I don't know if there's anything else on the market that would be equivalent. https://www.diysoundgroup.com/home-theater-speaker-kits/home-theater-series/home-theater-monitors/htm-10-kit.html
  6. Hi, I am doing a bit of research and trying to figure out what if any gains I can get from say 16...18Hz - 80Hz by moving away from the dual Ultimax 18" flat packs (build thread here @ AVS). MiniDSP 2x4HD is used, and the receiver is setup with no subwoofer (integration, xover etc. done with the DSP). The mains are the HSU Research bookshelves powered by a Behringer NU1000DSP. The room, which is shared with the kitchen, is approximately 7ft8in tall, 23ft deep and 20ft5in wide, for a volume of roughly 3600 cu ft / 102 cu m. I do not think a ported design is possible due to the limitations of the external dimensions. The flat packs are 23" H x 20" W x 20.75" D, or 5.52 cu ft, and I can go up to 25" H x 21" W x 21.75" D, or 6.6 cu ft. First, I was looking at building new ported boxes for the current subs, but I cannot find designs that fit within 6.6 cu ft externally. PRs also get expensive, but it might be worth it (around $900 shipped for 4x). I was eyeing the SI SHS-24 which is on sale right now, but the cabinet just cannot be made small enough. So, I think I have to stick with 21" drivers. The IPALs would not be a great fit for sealed enclosures I believe, so I would have to look for other 21's. Am I on the right track here? Using multiple smaller (potentially ported) drivers would also be an option perhaps, but stepping down in overall area doesn't seem to be that efficient. Edit: To give you an idea of what the room looks like, this is the living room, picture taken from the kitchen.
  7. That might be enough for a small apartment, or so. Jesus. How much time is spent on time aligning all those speakers and ensuring a "great" sound stage?
  8. Reading through this thread has been really inspiring. I discovered new drivers that I would consider reference (IPAL and its brothers), and learned more about horn enclosures. It makes me want to attempt building a small horn loaded subwoofer for use with desktop speakers and the such, just for its high efficiency.
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