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  1. 22 hours ago, peniku8 said:

    Wow, exciting! Looks extremely similar to the B&C in every regard, kinda like the SAN214.50 is to the 21ds115.

    Sadly only 10% cheaper, so not like this is going to be a game changer.

    where do you find your prices?

  2. 6 hours ago, Ricci said:

    I see I missed this question. How many TH-18's does DSL recommend? That'd be a good place to start. I'd think 2 per side would be a good start. 4 per side would be a whole lot more fun though.

    Cool am thinking 🤔 the same cause I have to get the top away from one ears and above the head kind of , will sure put up some nice pics , we just moving into a new workspace, I love bass would like 16 of these . 🔊🔊

  3. the 54cm is the port length 63,6cm is the width of the box there 4cm from the front of the side panels cause this is for pa use so there are grills . you can send me your mail and I'l send you some more detailed drawings , if you have a problem overstanding this one 

  4. 13 hours ago, Leimahmood said:

    and whts ur thoughts on 

    b&c 21ds115 vs 21sw152 littel diference in price ds is littel cheap

    now that all depends on you the SW152 can handle more shit than the DS115 , I'l try get time draw something out for you to make thing abit easier 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Leimahmood said:

    for port pvc pipe or wood ports like marty design box is good which one u like most

    Since you want to use them for HT , i’d Use pipe 6” make it longer than the  measurements, I put up , that way you can cut off while testing, I have 12 *21” tuned @25 hz with a shorter port length , they are for pa use so I didn’t need them going lower.

  6. On 2/6/2019 at 7:04 PM, Leimahmood said:

    two single loaded

    mean two sub with one in each b&c 21 driver

    Cabinet dimensions are 24” (W) X 32” (H) X 32”(D). 5”port 26” long , i haven’t simm’d that but you could start there 

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  7. 18 hours ago, jay michael said:

    There is something very special about dancing with everything you have for hours on end.   It happens much less these days for me but for the occasional times when it happens I concur there are uplifting feelings that hang around long after :)

    Thank you for the mind portal you opened with your speaker design and implementation discussion you shared.  I copied and pasted it into a document so I can easily keep returning to it.  I have a decent home system now but I think when my event hosting days really wind down I do want to focus on something much more impressive for my home needs.  The SEOS tech wasn't on my radar at all, that was a couple hour rabbit hole for me and I don't think I even scratched the surface haha!

    I am guessing the midnight to midnight set was from Goa Gill?  I got to experience him at Oregon Eclipse festival a few years back, was happy to check that off the to do list.

    With the software synth thing I do believe it is entirely possible to get a fantastic sound without hardware.   In the hands of a skilled user there is little reason anymore that software cant rival hardware....  but I think it takes a masterful understanding of the software to achieve those results.  I took some production lessons from an artist called Bluetech many years ago and he was a huge software fan.  His productions were very high quality and really proved to me that it could be done.   With that said, as his career evolved he did move more into hardware synths so perhaps it comes down to the financial side of things as a new producer would very likely not be able to outfit a studio with expensive hardware right from the start.  

    You can check his stuff out here.  Really lovely human with an amazing musical vision for ambient and downtempo type stuff.  https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/  Truth told I am a bigger fan of his earlier works, sines and singularities, prima materia and elementary particles even if they are getting a bit dated. 

    My buddy is uploading his 5.1 album to drop box for you, because of the size of the files it will have to come in chunks so I will get those to you when they are ready.

    And sorry I forgot the other link I mentioned https://merkabamusic1.bandcamp.com/


    Back to my original dilemma,  I randomly found some vintage bass horns on a local for sales site.  He didn't want to sell them individually so I now have 6 martin audio b115 bass horns in my garage, the price was to cheap to say no.  They are in amazing shape with fresh drivers as of 3 years ago, loaded with the recommended jbl 140e units.    I was able to set them up in his shop and give them a good lsiten for about an hour.   Until I get them set up and processed with the rest of my gear it will be a bit of a unknown but my first impressions were very positive.  Very accurate and warm sound with an incredible amount felt impact.  I figured just a pair of them would outclass the felt impact of my 6 - 15" drivers of my top cabinets... they are crazy loud with very little amplification.    They effortlessly produced clean and powerful psytrance kicks and bass notes that my reflex boxes could only dream of doing.  So yeah, lots of testing and tuning ahead of me.  For the buy in price I paid (peanuts) it will be a cheap experiment to see if the two way bass thing could be what I am looking for.  If it doesn't pan out well I guess next season Ill be researching some heroic top cabs to go above my othorns.

    Thanks again SME for the very enlightening conversation!



    Am glad you got them, I would have if I was closer , And take a 🤳 when you do your first gig setup after the sound check 🧛🏿‍♂️


  8. On 12/27/2018 at 7:24 PM, mwmkravchenko said:

    Yep. And you have some great SPL numbers there. A true horn for two of those drivers would be enormous. It would have to be built into a theater rider like I've designed for a few clients. But get you even greater output. Impressive bit of work. I appreciate your level of detail in the files.

    Here's the design I'm going to be using to replace my Othorn. It's been "almost" done for a long time now but I finally made an effort to wrap it up to the point that it is ready to build. Originally I was going to go with another TH design I was calling the Palehorn to replace the Othorn but I wasn't quite happy with it. I stumbled on this type of cab a few years ago while doing a billion simulations of different cabinet designs. You can read some of that in the M.A.U.L. thread. I originally planned to try this design first since it was smaller and cheaper to produce but circumstances led to the bigger more complicated M.A.U.L. getting done first. Since this style of 6th order bandpass / horn cab worked quite well and on target with the bigger design, I used what was learned there to make a few tweaks to this and finally wrap it up.  

    Sorry for repeating, but if you read the whole topic from start , it’s one of the first thing he said .

    Santa came by me yesterday while I was at work, I got these guys waiting for me at home , Mrs says the postman was not so happy when he came by 🤣🤣.

    am kind of not sure which to build, Othorn or SKhorn, I know someone has built both need opinions here from someone who uses them for music not movies, cause i’d Like to build a few to put under my Martin Audio 215mk3 for next summer,




  9. I’ve to and fro’ for the last few days , am caught in between Othorn & the Skhorn  , and what would be the next best driver, if we put 21Ipal aside ? I think I should start with the Sk cause as it is I have 8*21” ported Br of my own design that hit 28hz , I’l Find some pictures and upload them . 

    And Thanks Ricci for the hard work 

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