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  1. And why would you think that ?, I think there’s only 9mm difference in the depth, and the box is half the Skp which is designed from Ipal, so I wouldn’t think there is any problems
  2. ok bruv got you I can see the difference https://www.powersoft.com/en/products/amp-modules/m-drive
  3. try check the DigiMod 3000PFC+3000AMP with this you can use DSP-D and DSP-4 and add the big heatsink , https://www.powersoft.com/en/products/amp-modules/digimod-3000pfc i guess this would run you a pair
  4. where do you find your prices?
  5. Try make some jigs to help you do some , of the repeat and alike holes and stuff saves you alot of time and gives you good practice too .
  6. Cool am thinking 🤔 the same cause I have to get the top away from one ears and above the head kind of , will sure put up some nice pics , we just moving into a new workspace, I love bass would like 16 of these . 🔊🔊
  7. Hey boss that’s not a problem it’ll work in that cab pm me your mail i’l Send you something
  8. the 54cm is the port length 63,6cm is the width of the box there 4cm from the front of the side panels cause this is for pa use so there are grills . you can send me your mail and I'l send you some more detailed drawings , if you have a problem overstanding this one
  9. I hope you can see ,I can see the port size is missing it's 22cm wide/high whatever you want to call it
  10. now that all depends on you the SW152 can handle more shit than the DS115 , I'l try get time draw something out for you to make thing abit easier
  11. I’ve never really seen, any need for putting subs more than 50cm from the wall if they are not ported in the back ,
  12. Since you want to use them for HT , i’d Use pipe 6” make it longer than the measurements, I put up , that way you can cut off while testing, I have 12 *21” tuned @25 hz with a shorter port length , they are for pa use so I didn’t need them going lower.
  13. Yes that’s tuned at around 18-20 hz
  14. Cabinet dimensions are 24” (W) X 32” (H) X 32”(D). 5”port 26” long , i haven’t simm’d that but you could start there
  15. The pics I put up was a tec’no party we did a few weeks back 2*21”br running only to 50hz per side 3*115martin per side and two Res3sh F1 , sounded great ,
  16. Am glad you got them, I would have if I was closer , And take a 🤳 when you do your first gig setup after the sound check 🧛🏿‍♂️
  17. So am getting ready to build some OThorns , to go under some Danley SH96 , how many them ,would keep up per side ? this is for the guys who have built these or do you all just use them at home ?
  18. Here's the design I'm going to be using to replace my Othorn. It's been "almost" done for a long time now but I finally made an effort to wrap it up to the point that it is ready to build. Originally I was going to go with another TH design I was calling the Palehorn to replace the Othorn but I wasn't quite happy with it. I stumbled on this type of cab a few years ago while doing a billion simulations of different cabinet designs. You can read some of that in the M.A.U.L. thread. I originally planned to try this design first since it was smaller and cheaper to produce but circumstances led to the bigger more complicated M.A.U.L. getting done first. Since this style of 6th order bandpass / horn cab worked quite well and on target with the bigger design, I used what was learned there to make a few tweaks to this and finally wrap it up. Sorry for repeating, but if you read the whole topic from start , it’s one of the first thing he said . Santa came by me yesterday while I was at work, I got these guys waiting for me at home , Mrs says the postman was not so happy when he came by 🤣🤣. am kind of not sure which to build, Othorn or SKhorn, I know someone has built both need opinions here from someone who uses them for music not movies, cause i’d Like to build a few to put under my Martin Audio 215mk3 for next summer,
    1. Ricci


      I have now...They have a bunch of cabs on there some are JBL clones it seems. I'm not sure what I could do or if I even care honestly. It's not even the V2 cab and I have no idea what current drivers would even work well.


      Thanks for the heads up though.

    2. Father Francis

      Father Francis

      No problem boss , I just thought I'd let you know , I'l see what we can do over here 

  19. I love the Pd drivers, I use 1550 in our kick bins and 2151 in the subs ,they can really take lots of power, we running 8* 2151 of one K20 , mostly important to have nuff power
  20. I have ordered 4 drivers 21SW152 8ohm to have a go at these , reasons it’s easier to run 8ohm drivers , and if I don’t like them easier resale, on the second hand market, Any disadvantages with using them drivers , same drivers we wil use for our Othorn , just added a setup we did last weekend with 8 of my ported BR boxes link to Sp https://forum.speakerplans.com/pd2150-2151-in-br-bins_topic97769.html
  21. I’ve to and fro’ for the last few days , am caught in between Othorn & the Skhorn , and what would be the next best driver, if we put 21Ipal aside ? I think I should start with the Sk cause as it is I have 8*21” ported Br of my own design that hit 28hz , I’l Find some pictures and upload them . And Thanks Ricci for the hard work
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