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  1. I wish they were a stack of SP2-8000's (12000's actually). But for 1/4 of the price.....
  2. You can leave it, a double wow is perfectly appropriate. I think you have something that could handle one of those 7500 channels just fine.
  3. Just got through the initial testing. What a pretty picture.
  4. Nice, They have been workhorses for me. I have all the flavors: 4000's, 2500's, and qsc 2450's. I bought one like that off of someone on here. I forgot that it had the slower fan in it, and I blew it up in about 20 mins. Oh well. Be careful with them if you listen to bass heavy music when they are modded, the stock fans will barely keep up for me. Without the fan mods mine run about 60-70F higher than ambient temp with music, I think 140+F is pushing it a bit. I'm kinda rough on my bass amps. But they keep chugging along.
  5. Me too, I hope I find a bunch of good stuff. Just getting set up to test the 2000's and 3000's.
  6. My life got turned upside down and I'm selling off all the gear that I had saved for my Home theater upgrade. I have: 8x Peavey SP4 speakers 11x NIB CinemAcoustics CA-A800B 4u rack amps Almost silent and 1600w bridged into 8ohm. 24x NIB Architectual Acoustics IA800 3u rack amps 600x2 @4ohm 250x NIB 12" coaxials. pulp cone, 4 layer 1.5in 13mm voice coil, fabric dome tweeter Feel free to PM me an offer.
  7. More

    B&C 21DS115

    Who is a B&C rep that would quote me for a couple?
  8. I have to agree with your assessment of the over use of the AVS Perma-Ban hammer. Josh/Kyle, thanks for keeping this up for us and just being, seemingly, real dudes that like to geek out on their speakers. it is better
  9. I'll give the AE speakers a good home. Edit: And I'll adopt the rest too. Let me know if anyone needs any of these. 
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