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  1. I do have two PB16s (extended mode) in the front and 2 PB13 (extended mode) in the back within a 20x16 room, I learned about DIY after i got these subs and the rest of my 7.4.4, i could have gotten more for my money. So now I am just trying to learn and tune everything in. I did try and use jriver media player with some of the BEQs, but only with digital content. The settings was a great experience, definitely filled the hole of what was missing in Pacific Rim. Just confuse as to which nanoavr I needed to get.
  2. Thanks for your response, i will try that. Before I posted, I read through most of this forum and saw the nano avr was previously recommended in earlier years. My current setup is yamaha rx-a3060 with a svs pb16 ultra. The pb16 does have on board PEQ slots for me to activate, but seems I can only go down to 20hz via the app. But no presets on the yamaha. I will try to figure out the simple approach before buying something i don't need.
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. Thank you for everyone who contributed to this forum it has been very helpful. I would like to take advantage of these BEQs, which nanoavr is recommended? Nanoavr DL, HD, HDA or whatever i may not know about? I currently have a 7.4.4 setup with some bass management after playing with REW. I am still a noob and these devices have very little guides on the web except via decoding some on the forums. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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