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  1. 29 minutes ago, Ricci said:

    Hey Revolt,

    As far as I know no one has run more than 2 cabs yet. This is a significantly more powerful design in a semi compact size than any others I'm aware of on the market. Especially in the 25-40Hz range. 6 or 8 should be devastating. The only things that are likely to compete or exceed these on a 1 vs 1 basis are Danleys largest most expensive subs like the BC415, TH812, or DBH218LF and other major companies top of the line largest, most expensive subs. M-force based systems, etc...As far as subs go you can accomplish a lot with cabinet design and " magic" ,but at the end of the day you need power handling, cone area and the ability for the drivers to move a lot of air via high xmax. Dual top of the line 21's are used for a reason.

    The Faital 18's give up displacement capability, cone area and I've not simulated them or tried them in this cab. Out of what Faital offers the 18XL2000 is probably the best match without giving up too much output. I'd really recommend 21's though. The extra cone area helps out a lot. If cost is an issue the Lavoce SAN214.50 models very well. I'm not sure what it would cost in the UK but here it is very reasonably cost ($450 usd). I have 2 on hand for testing and so far it looks like a lot of driver for the money.

    How does the Lavoce SAN214 compare to the 21DS115?

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