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  1. Does anyone have any experience/inform on the Bass Boss vs21 ? Looks like a similar design to the SKram . I am not interested in reengineering just a general conversation of the two designs .
  2. Thanks one more time. I will using winisd as I'm better at it .
  3. Thank you Ricci for you time but i have two 18DS115 so I'm looking for a cab that will work for them.
  4. Good afternoon I'm having trouble getting hornresp to work and was wondering if anyone had sim the BC115sd ?
  5. Don't i feel like a dumbass i was so focused on only half of the cab now looking at the whole plan i realise why it has to be 54 inches wide.?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I know it's not a simple BR design and i dont have a lot of experience but doing some fast measurements it look like it will work but it will have to wait till after the hurricane.
  7. If we take the outside dimensions of the the box of 54×32×24 we get 24cuft by changing it to 48×36×24 we end up with the same displacement. Can this be made to work?
  8. @ Ricci Would it be possible to change the dimensions in order to make it more builder friendly design for instance instead of 54 inches long why not standardized it at 48 ?
  9. Good evening everyone I have two questions about the SK horn . 1 can it play up 125/150 hz and do your think that 2 crest cpx3800 bridge in by amp be enough to run B&C 21ds115 ?
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