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  1. Just wanted to say Thanks again for having one of the best threads around. Off to watch Olympus has Fallen which nube is raving about and possibly logging onto Amazon to buy Triangle.
  2. Queue Submission: Art of Flight. There are some specific short scenes throughout that seem to be <10hz during playback....
  3. I got all excited reading through this after nube sent me over here. I was ready to get my Speclab on until I went to Bosso's site to download. I have Windows 7 64 BIT. EDIT: Nevermind, appears it may still work after I googled for a solution and got reassured by others. Dave-update your site to say it works on 64 bit. I bet there are thousands like me that stopped right there. EDIT 2: Still reading. Probably my favorite thread on any forum. Ever.
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