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  1. Hey all! New member here, but have followed this thread for a while now. Really appreciate all your hard work and information! On a different note.. I saw Rogue One in a brand new AMC Dolby Cinema atmos equipped theater. Pretty loud levels, seats had LFE equipped motors. But I gotta say some scenes really pressurized the room at scary levels down low. 20s and into the teens hz wise. (No it wasn't just the vibrating seats, I own 16 cubic foot sub tuned to 12 hz... So I have a bit of knowledge with ULFE) Anyways, it was a great experience. Great clean sound, great sharp clarity picture wise. Vibrating seats wasn't too much a distraction (actually done very well) Would recommend if you have one near you. The one I went to was in oak brook illinois at the oak brook mall. Just put it in a few month back. Hopefully it wasn't just the novelty of a brand new theater and my first experience with Dolby cinema atmos sound impacting my judgement. There's my excuse to shell out another 16 bucks to go back and find out! Haha
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