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  1. PSI 18" recone of an Elemental Designs 13AV2 motor This driver was fairly quiet up until about 1.5" peak to peak where it started to produce a little more racket. Air noise from the motor was not an issue and the pole vent moved a generous amount of air at high excursion. Similar to some of the other drivers this one did decently up until about 2" peak to peak at which point it changed character and developed a lot of extra noise and a dull tapping or doubling type of sound. At about 2.5-2.75" peak to peak the amount of noise was substantial and not knowing the driver
  2. RE Audio MX-18 D2 This driver operates relatively quiet mechanically at least up until past 2" peak to peak but the motor makes a very obvious hissing noise from all of the air movement. The motor does not have much venting. What is there consists of the VC gap itself and a small 1/8" vent around the top plate. With a big 4" VC pumping back and forth it forces a lot of air in and out of these small gaps. This driver is rated at 22mm xmax, but it was driven up to about 3.5" peak to peak without damage. It does start to make a lot of air noise and a loud knock develops ar
  3. TC Sounds Pro5100 This driver has little noise up to an excursion level of about 1.5" peak to peak but gradually develops more mechanical noise as the stroke is increased from there. At about 2.5" peak to peak the mechanical noise gets severe so the testing was stopped. The pole vent on this motor passes a very large amount of air at large excursions but it is relatively quiet due to the large diameter and radius built into the design. The amount of stroke that the accordian style surround on this driver allows is surprising as is the amount of useful stroke from a dr
  4. SSA Xcon 18 D2 This driver behaves similarly to the Fi SSD and Q 18's which is unsurprising considering the similarities between all 3. The Xcon seems to be the quietest of the 3 by a small margin but this could be due to nothing more than production tolerances or it could be that the extra extended 31mm xmax is coming into play as less distortion due to BL non linearity, or it could be that the sewn in voice coil leads are responsible for some of the reduction in noise. It still produces the same slight knocking sound that the other 2 drivers do even at relativel
  5. Fi Car Audio Q18 D2 This driver behaves similarly to the SSD 18 but with slightly less mechanical noise. This could be due to production tolerances in the builds or the longer effective range of motor force. Xmax is rated at 28mm for this driver versus 21mm for the SSD. The mechanical limits are no different and at about 2.75" peak to peak the mechanical noise from this driver is very loud. Similar to the SSD there is a mechanical knock which is present and increases in loudness at higher excursion but it still noticeable free air at modest drive levels. These dri
  6. Fi Car Audio SSD 18 D2 This driver exhibits a lot of stroke for the money but develops some motor air noise and a distinctly mechanical noise during high excursion. Even at modest excursion levels of 1 to 1.5" peak to peak there is an odd mechanical tap emanating from it. The driver is rated at only 21mm xmax so perhaps this noise is due to some sort of BL non linearity or the drop off in force seen with the coil pushed so far from center position. The driver will produce excursions of about 2.75" peak to peak without damage but once past about 2" peak to peak it has loud
  7. Mach 5 Audio UXL-18 This driver is very quiet through it's initial first 1" to 1.5" of excursion other than a slight whistle from it's tiny pole vent. It maintains very good noise levels up until about 2.5" peak to peak where it abruptly transitions into a distinct clattering sound. This might be coil rock perhaps due to an out of round cone as the test unit exhibited a bit of curvature on one side of the cone. The UXL still has substantial physical clearance left when this occurs. Otherwise this unit is impressively quiet through it's useful range of stroke. Xmech seem
  8. Creative Sound Solutions SDX15 As can be heard in this video the driver is impressively quiet through the initial 1.5" of peak to peak excursion, almost silent, exactly as you would want a driver to behave. Abruptly it develops a very loud tapping sound that sounds like physical contact. This is well before the rated 30mm one way xmax is reached. Physically pressing the cone inward shows that the coil is nowhere close to bottoming out. Perhaps it is coil rock. Both SDX15 drivers that I have used behave in the same manner. Others who have owned these drivers have reported the sam
  9. This is where we are going to dump videos of drivers being exercised in free air. Hopefully this will help give some sort of an indication as to how much useful excursion a driver has and when it starts to get noisy or make mechanical clatter. Nothing scientific here just a cheap camera mic recording the noise that each driver makes when driven to large excursion in free air. I don't know that every driver will be done like this or not. Eventually maybe this will be done with a better microphone and video camera. These first couple of videos are off of a cell phone so they are not very good qu
  10. I believe that we are looking into adding that calculation to the parameters. Although that assumes that the xmax spec from the manufacturer is an accurate indicator of useful displacement from a driver. Some over achieve and some greatly under achieve in that area.
  11. We want to know what gear you want to see put under the microscope, whether it be a powered subwoofer for home theater, a big pro sound bass bin or a raw car audio driver. I can't promise that we will get to everything or even half of it but as we eventually work through the current back log of tests we will have to acquire new stuff. There might be something that is particularly popular among a certain crowd or that is really intriguing due to technology claims or plain old hype. Personally I am eventually going to do one of those 8th order band pass Bose bass module for fun. Tell u
  12. Thanks FOH...You are in Indiana? Not too far from me...
  13. Wow that was quick Kyle. Testing testing...
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